Seahawks new found swagger to be tested against Cam Newton and Patriots

“The nature of these guys, they’re going for it. I love it. I love the way we were able to show first time out how we like to play the game. There’s a lot of improvement to be had, but I’m glad that the message was clear, that we’re coming out to knock the hell out of you when you play us. That was fun.”


According to Carroll the attitude, stye, and speed at which the  defense played at was noticeable in every player.

“I thought it was really noticeable,” Carroll said when asked about the physical play of the defense. “I thought Bobby played his best game pass defense-wise that he’s ever played,” Carroll said. “Active, and on point with the breaks he was making. He impacted our play quite a bit. You couldn’t miss the play by Jamal running and hitting. I thought Q Diggs (safety Quandre Diggs), too, had some good top-off and some nice plays, too. As well as the rest of the guys. (Lano) Hill, Marquise (Blair). Having all the speed on the field, we’re faster than we’ve been. It shows up in our pursuit.”


After giving up 506 offensive yards against the Falcons some questioned Carroll’s rational. When asked about the Falcons game  Carroll pointed out that most of the Falcons yards were against the Seahawks version of a prevent defense.  


Prevent or not   a rejuvenated Cam Newton will be on Sunday Night to lead the Patriots multi facet offense. While Newton can sling the ball around  the yard like the Falcons Matt Ryan, he can also run you over. In the  Patriots Week One  21-11 win over the Miami Dolphins Newton had 15 carries for 75 yards and two touchdowns. His passing numbers were  just as efficient going 15/19 for 155 yards.  No brainer here. If the Seahawks are to beat the Patriots, they will need to get their hands on Newton.


The Seahawks have enough game film on Newton in big games to know his skill sets. What they don’t know is how the Patriots will use him Bill Belichick is notorious from known for completely changing his offense and defense from week to week.

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