” There a historic winning football team because they do stuff right, ” Seahawks Pete Carroll on Patriots

During Wednesday’s weekly briefing with local media Seahawks, head coach Pete Carroll was reflective, jovial, and amped at the possibility of facing the Bill Belichick led Patriots. While amped at the possibility of facing the Patriots Carroll was clear winning on Sunday will not be easy.


Both Carroll and Belichick has two of the highest winning percentages due to their organizational skills and fundamental beliefs in how to win on a consistent basis.

“I think what’s similar is our defensive background. We’ve both been defensive guys our whole life. We look at the game from that perspective I think in general. We both had the opportunity to be involved in our offenses a lot over the years. I know he does; I know I do, try to influence what we do on offense, how we do it.

We both have really, I think strong commitments to our approach and philosophy. Doesn’t really matter much what happens, we’re going to be pretty much the same with who we are, what we want to get done with our teams.

I know that he is, I know that I am, very fundamental coaches in this game as far as the tactical part of it, the technical part of it, the principles of playing good ball, executing, not giving your opponent much.”


If the Seahawks are to have any chance of winning Sundays game the defense will need to contain a  healthy and revitalized Cam Newton. The former Carolina Panther was 15/19 for 115 yards in the Patriots 21-11 win over the Miami  Dolphins. Newton had 15 carries for 75 yards and two touchdowns.

We do have a real good background with Cam. We don’t know what they’re going to do with him. It’s only one game. We don’t even have the benefit of the pre-season games to kind of try to figure it out.

They have been notorious for changing from one week to the next in how they approach their opponents. We have to go into this game with a wide-open look. Almost like a first game. We have some information. They showed they really want to run the football, ran it 42 times in the game, which is a great commitment. But we don’t know. We’ll see.

I do like that we have seen Cam over the years in really big games and playoffs and all of that. We’ve seen him in the most challenging settings, so we have familiarity in that regard.


On missing on Sunday according to Carroll will be the fans. While no fans will be allowed in the stadium to root for their team Carroll said fans can still make noise and cheer for their team.


For coaches, the NFL’s noise policy inside the stadium has been somewhat vague. Teams have been given guidelines on what is considered an acceptable level but not clear on what that really means.

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