Change to be only constant for Seahawks during offseason


The Seattle Seahawks’ dreams of returning to the SuperBowl and complete some unfinished business came to a sobering end Sunday night with a 28-23 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Playoff round. The Packers season continues with a trip to San Francisco to face the 49ers for a trip to the SuperBowl in Miami. The Seahawks cleaned out their lockers on Monday afternoon at the VMac and gave some parting words on how the season went. Such is the harsh reality of life in the NFL.


According to, the Seahawks have 19 unrestricted free agents five restricted free agents and eight  Exclusive-rights free agents.


PlayerPos.2019 Team2020 TeamTypeSnaps ▾AgeCurrent APYGuarantees
Germain IfediRTSeahawksUFA100%26$2,066,277$6,688,045
Mike IupatiLGSeahawksUFA91.5%33$2,750,000$2,250,000
Mychal Kendricks43OLBSeahawksUFA60.7%30$4,500,000$0
Jadeveon Clowney34OLBSeahawksUFA57%27$15,000,000$15,000,000
Quinton Jefferson43DESeahawksUFA55%27$2,025,000$0
Jarran Reed43DTSeahawksUFA45.1%28$1,222,409$2,878,356
George FantLTSeahawksUFA42.3%28$3,095,000$0
Al Woods43DTSeahawksUFA42%33$2,250,000$400,000
Josh GordonWRSeahawksUFA40.3%29$2,025,000$0
Jaron BrownWRSeahawksUFA33.7%30$1,500,000$0
Ezekiel Ansah43DESeahawksUFA31.7%31$9,000,000$6,000,000
Akeem KingSSeahawksUFA24.8%28$1,400,000$400,000
Malik TurnerWRSeahawksERFA22.1%24$525,000$0
Luke WillsonTESeahawksUFA21.8%30$805,000$0
C.J. ProsiseRBSeahawksUFA11.1%26$778,116$692,464
Bryan Mone43DTSeahawksERFA8.1%25$495,000$0
Tyrone SwoopesTESeahawksERFA7.1%26$495,000$0
Neiko ThorpeCBSeahawksUFA2.2%30$1,000,000$100,000
Marshawn LynchRBSeahawksUFA2%34$1,030,000$0
Ryan NealSSeahawksERFA0%25$570,000$0
Robert TurbinRBSeahawksUFA0%31$805,000$0
Jordan SimmonsGSeahawksERFA0%26$570,000$0
Jordan RoosRGSeahawksERFA0%27$570,000$0
Jeremy BoykinsCBSeahawksERFA0%25$495,000$0
Geno SmithQBSeahawksUFA0%30$870,000$0
Emmanuel Ellerbee43OLBSeahawksERFA0%24$570,000$0
Dekoda Watson43DESeahawksUFA0%32$930,000$0
Seahawks complete free agency list


How several key players on the mend from season-ending injuries recover will determine what kind of moves General Manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll will make. Tight End Will Dissly saw his second straight season cut short due to injury. In his rookie year it was a knee injury and this year it was due to an Achilles injury.

Running Back Chris Carson ‘s hip injury in Week 16 put him on the injured reserve list and fellow running mate Rashaad Penny tore his ACL on Dec. 8th against the Los Angeles Rams. Lastly, Justin Britt continues his recovery from an ACL injury as well. Britt suffered the injury during the Seahawks win against the Atlanta Falcons on October 27th.


During his end of season press conference Pete Carroll was asked about the status of the aforementioned players rehab progress.

on Will Dislly

“He’s killing the rehab,” Carroll said. “Will is doing great. He’s spending some time down in LA to get right, and he’s really fired up about the people that he’s working with and the progress he’s making. He’s been around a lot. He’ll get it done. Will will get it done. There’s no question he will. But, it’s a long process, it’s going to be some tough work for him.”

On the Penny and Carson
“We’re optimistic, more-so about Chris because Chris doesn’t have to do any rehab right now. He’s not having surgery and all that. He’s just got to get through it and stay off it for a while. He’s a fantastic workout warrior. He’ll come roaring back. I think Rashaad is challenged more because he’s got the full rehab that he’s got to go through. He’s doing great. He’s ahead of schedule already.
They’re really excited about the progress that he’s making. That’s a much longer prognosis there. He’s got six or seven months ahead of him that are going to be really challenging. We’ll have to wait and see. He’s really determined, his attitude is great about it. He’s planning on making it back and getting ready to play, so we’ll see how that goes. We’ll be on the mend but it’s still a pretty good position right for us. (Travis) Homer really helped us out with the playing time he got.
A classic example, what does a guy have to do when he doesn’t need to play? Homer did. He showed us what he could do. I think it should be a strong group. We are really counting on Chris to come roaring back.”
On Justin Britt
“I saw him the other day, he said he is making really good progress,” Carroll said. “He’s been around a lot. He’s very active in here, so we know that he’s working hard at it. He should be able to get back on a normal schedule. After you get about five or six months into it, you have to kind of figure out what’s going on, so I don’t know how that’s going to turn for him.”
DE Quinton Jefferson fractured his foot during Sunday’s game and Carroll said the DE lineman will need surgery

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