Good fundamental football is key for a Seahawk win over the Commanders

The Seahawks must take care of the football, convert on third down, and play good fundamental football on Sunday when they host the Washington Commanders if they are to get back on the winning side. The Commander’s top ten passing offense is led by quarterback Sam  Howell who leads the league in passing yards but has been sacked league league-high 44 times.


The Seahawks have to get back to basic football on both sides of the ball. On offense, Geno Smith has to play mistake-free football. Getting rid of the ball quickly when under pressure and staying away from forcing the ball into tight windows.  

In turn, the offensive line must do a better job of giving Smith some time in a clean pocket.  The stagnation of the offense is not all Smith’s fault.  As a whole, the offense has to get back to execution which starts by playing good fundamental football. If that happens Smith believes the offense can move past its recent stagnation.

“I think the issues are overall execution. I don’t think you can look at one thing or the other and say it’s that,” said Smith  “I think it’s just getting the job done. It doesn’t really matter; it’s about getting the job done and going out there and executing on third downs and making sure we pick up those first downs so that we can continue those drives and score points.”


In Sunday’s loss to the Ravens, the Seahawk’s defense spent the afternoon chasing ghosts.   Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson’s dual-threat capabilities are difficult for any defense. When that defense is overshooting run gaps,  void of an effective pass rush, and lackluster in tackling at the point of attack you get the debacle that was the Baltimore game.  Similar to the offense the Seahawk’s defense according to captain Bobby Wagner must get back to playing good and solid fundamental football.

“Sometimes when you win or you’re having some success, the details of the game might get away from you and the winning might disguise that. Sometimes having a loss like that or having a loss in general reminds you how important those things are through the season’ said Wagner during his weekly press conference.  

“Especially as you get later and later in the season because those are the teams that blossom to the top, are the ones that are able to do the little things right consistently over and over again. Those are things, just reminding yourself that you may have a big play or do all of these things throughout the course of the season, but it’s the little things that propel those teams where people want to be at the end of the season.”


The Commanders are a dangerous team that can score on any team and have a defense that is ranked three points below the Seahawks. The Seahawk’s defense is allowing 354 yards a game and ranked 25th, the Commander’s defense is allowing 386 yards a game for 28th. Both defenses are better at defending the run.

The Seahawks are ranked 21st and allowing 122 yards, and above it is the Commander’s defense allowing 116 yards per game and ranked 20th. If the Seahawks are able to run the ball and stop the run Sunday’s game could quickly bring the team back to form.  

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