Pete Carroll on Arizona  Cardinals, “They are a challenging team in many ways.”

    A   current three-game win streak against the  1-5 Arizona Cardinals is being dismissed this week as the Seahawks prepare to host the Cardinals on Sunday afternoon.  

 The Cardinals have a new coach in Jonathan Gannon and a quarterback who gives a completely different look in personnel and schematic.  With Sunday’s game being the first between the two teams since the Cardinals reshuffle the  Seattle coaching staff is confident they have enough game tape in which to formulate a plan of attack.

“We look at everything that they’ve done with this new staff and the new coach. The head coach has an impact on the team. They’re an aggressive, physical team running the football, featuring a running quarterback. It all fits right in with coach. We have six games, so that’s a lot for us and we also have preseason.”

Despite the changes at coach and quarterback the Cardinals continue to have a dual-threat quarterback.  How they use his feet is different from previous years. Joshua Dobbs has replaced the injured Kyler Murray. Dobbs has been exceptional in his fill-in role, completing 123 yards on  196 attempts and 1,215 yards with six touchdowns and three interceptions. Dobbs has used his feet to gain 189 yards on 34 carries and one touchdown.

“He’s adept, a little bit of a long strider, he’s a tall guy. He gets out and guys don’t catch him very quickly, he’s had some good, substantial runs already. He’s a threat in the running game, but he’s also a threat in the passing game too to get out and go. The thing I like about him is that he runs really tough when he’s had his chances. He’s run into some guys to make extra yards to score a touchdown earlier in the year. He took a really big hit to do it and he accomplished the task and got it done. I’m sure those guys are rallying behind him and excited about the way he’s playing.”


 Despite missing running back James Corner the  Cardinals offense is ranked number six when it comes to running the ball.  What makes the Cardinal’s offense unique is the way they use their receivers in the run game to keep defenses off balance.

“They have a good group, and they have number of ways that they mix their looks and stuff and use a variety of guys. They have really fast receivers, and they use them accordingly. They’re in the backfield some and they factor in. They have plenty of factors, it’s different though. James, he’s a big-time player and contributor. They’re just a little different.”

Wide receiver Marquis Brown is one of those dangerous receivers Carroll was alluding to.  Brown has scored three touchdowns 29 receptions for 334 yards and is averaging  11.2 yards per catch.


Am woeful 13-14 home record since 2019 inconsistent is something Carroll hopes the team can turn around on Sunday.  A season-opening  loss to the Los Angeles  Rams and a  37-27 win over the Carolina Panthers has the team sitting at 1-1 for the season

“I’m really disappointed in knowing that. The reception that we had and the way we worked hand-in-hand with our fans last time there this year, that’s what it feels like when it’s really special here. I’ve never thought that they have to get us going, we have to get them going. It’s our play that gets the fans tuned in and part of it. It can be a factor. There’s a little bit of a trend of teams not winning as much at home. I don’t know if those numbers support that, but it sure seems like that around the league the last couple of years. I don’t want to fall prey to that. We have to get back and get out ahead of this thing. If you’re going to have a really good season, you have to be really good at home and there’s no two ways about that.”

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