Seahawks looking to build but not dwell in win over Lions

The Seahawks returned to practice Wednesday afternoon three days removed from their statement-making 37-31 OT win over the Detroit Lions. The statement was made about how the Seahawks won the game and obviously where they won the game.  The game was tied at the end of regulation. The statement was made when the  Seahawks won the coin toss and drove 9 plays for 75 for the walk-off win.   Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke with local media Wednesday during his weekly press conference.


For  Seahawk’s head coach, the key will be for his team to keep the momentum from the win and continue it into Sunday’s game with the Carolina Panthers.

“It’s good to be coming back. We need to get going here at home and coming back to Lumen is a big deal to us. We didn’t get off to the right start and we got another chance at it. Our focus is to regain the mentality that got us the kind of finish that we had last week. We do things right through the end of the game and give ourselves that chance to win a football game. We know we see a very hungry team coming in here. Carolina is hungry to get their win, get going. They’re tough and they’re physical up front, they like to run the football. They play good up front in run and pass, terrific pass rush. This is a huge game for us. I’m really hoping that we can find the feeling and capture the feeling of how you finish, regardless of what happens earlier in the game, and you do a good job at the end so that you have a chance to win. That really the focus for us this week.”

For the Seahawks to build momentum it will be critical for the team to forget about the win and focus on continual improvement which takes discipline .

 “This is really what this day is about for us, is to deal with what happened properly after Monday and get back in here and put our focus back in order so that we can get ready for the next challenge. This is a classic one extreme, another extreme. We had a terrific game on the road under all of those circumstances coming off the mess we threw here. In both directions, the previous game can cause distractions, and keep you hung on whatever just happened. We try to have a tremendous discipline about learning how to do that so we can always come back and get back on track. I think it’s been something that we’ve been doing for a long time. It’s a skill that guys acquire, but we need the experiences to do it. There are so many things that came out of this game this past week that are measurably important to us for learning and getting better and growing and the lessons. The most important thing is being disciplined about coming right back to work. What we did last week has nothing important to do with what’s going on now.”

Up next for the Seahawks will be a 0-2 Carolina Panthers team that is looking to make it to consecutive road wins against Seattle. The Panthers beat the Seahawk 30-24 last year in  Lumen Field.

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