Jordyn Brooks returns to practice eager to pick up where he left off

Just nine months removed from an ACL injury and surgery Seahawks linebacker Jordyn Brooks returned to practice  Tuesday afternoon. While it was a modified return in that Brooks participated in the team’s morning walkthrough and not the afternoon physical practice, it was an important first step for the Seahwks first round and 20th overall pick in the 2020 draft .

“I had my first walkthrough today. It’s great for the mental aspect, it’s not much running around, that’s why they call it walkthroughs. It’s great for the mental part, getting the flow of what we’re doing, some of the calls that we’re calling, and some of the things the offense likes to do.”

Up next for Brooks will be to get his body ready for the grueling physicality of the NFL again. To prepare for the physicality of practice and then games Brooks says he is eager to get used to running around in pads again.

 “Get in football shape. That’s the biggest thing, getting conditioned. Getting used to 12-play drives or six-play drives and running around in pads. Getting used to that feeling again is going to be the biggest part.”

During his vigorous rehab stint  Brooks partnered up with Jamal Adams in Frisco Texas.

“It was in Dallas. In Frisco, Texas. We’ve got our own guy down there. I forgot the name of the place, but we have our own guy down there and he worked both of us out.”

“It was funny. Jamal (Adams) has a heck of a personality. That was the biggest boost for my recovery. Seeing him and how he was reacting to his injury. Having fun every day during his rehab process encouraged me to bring that attitude to rehab every day. It was great.”

(On how close Jamal Adams is to being back on the field)

“He’s ready. He’s just not in a rush, he’s ready. You see him out here running and cutting on a dime. So, he’s on his own timetable on how he feels comfortable coming back, but it’s real close, real close.”

(On if he has any funny rehab stories with Jamal Adams)

“Oh yeah most definitely. His injury is a little bit worse than mine, but you know I say about June when we started running forties and stuff. We were definitely competing to see who could run the fastest 40. Of course, I beat him. But the competition was great for both of us, as far as just like hey I see him getting better, it makes me want to do a little bit more to get better. It was great working out with him.”

(On the biggest difference from the defense this year to last year)

“I’m seeing guys having fun. It looks like guys are more bought in on what we are doing. The communication has been great from what I’ve been seeing at practice. It seems like a more collected unit. I think the more the guys get together, and continue to practice and play games, you see that chemistry kind of overflow. Hopefully, that will make us a better defense.”



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