Huskies Jimmy Lake expecting a big season

Husky head coach Jimmy  Lake was brimming with confidence during his weekly media press conference. To say it was overconfidence would be a stretch. More like the second-year coach has high expectations for the upcoming.


Lake’s confidence is not coach speak, hyperbole, or wishful thinking. With a year under his belt, Lake and his staff are familiar with the players, and as one would expect the players are familiar with the coaching staff’s expectations and a greater understanding of the team playbook.

The Huskies have several units that received National Rankings going into the season. The Offensive line ranked #  4 linebackers # 29  defensive backs # 4  and most surprising was the linebacker unit at 29.  Rankings are great for preseason fodder have no weight when the whistle blows in September.


Lake’s demeanor is one of high expectations of himself, the administration, and the players. While he is the epitome of the new college football coach,  savvy in recruiting, branding, and proficient in dealing with upper campus Lake knows talk is cheap.

“I mean, that’s what we work for every single day. I don’t want to just sit up here and talk about it. We got to go do it. We feel like we’ve got schematics in all three phases that are going to help us. We feel we’ve recruited and have players here that’s going to help us win the Pac-12 Championship, first, and then go to that big bowl game, and win that game. So, we feel we are on the right track. But guess what? We have to go do it. So, I don’t want to sit up here and talk about it. We need to go show it. Five months from now that’s what we’re doing.  “


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