Seahawks select CB Tre Brown and OT Stone Forsythe to close out 2021 Draft

The Seahawks started the  2021 Draft with three picks and amazingly enough, the team walked away from the  2021 Draft with three picks. Granted it was not from a lack of trying to acquire more players. Here is a recap of the  Hawks 2021 Draft  Class. With no first-round draft pick because of the Jamal Adams trade the Seahawks sat out Round One.


With the 56th overall pick in the second round, the Seahawks drafted  5’9  185-pound  wide receiver and kick return specialist D’Wayne Eskridge from Western Michigan. Selected MAC Special Teams Player of the Year and first-team All-MAC at both receiver and kick returner finalist for Paul Hornung Award, given to the nation’s most versatile player


As a big-time athlete with explosive speed, quickness and burst, Eskridge is versatile playmaker with the potential to contribute as a WR3/special teamer. – Bucky Brooks


(On what they like about D’Wayne Eskridge and what the Seahawks are getting in him…) John Schneider:

” I would say in a unique year, [Midwest Area Scout] Jason Barnes, as well as all our scouts, did a great job with the six games these guys played and really getting to know D’Wayne and knowing the person and the competitor and who he is. Family makeup and everything. Overall, just extremely explosive, 5’9”, 190 [pounds], 4.3 [second 40-yard dash], ran a 10.5 [second] 100 meters in high school, 21.5 [second] 200 meters. Just an explosive guy.”

Can really throttle his speed. Tough. We’re getting a guy that can play several different positions, he’s a kickoff returner, could be a gunner. There’s a cool shot of him as a gunner against Central Michigan where he just throttles somebody. We’re getting a guy that’s competitive, hungry, intense. He’s got some dog to him.


“It is part of it. It’s the whole makeup of this player, but we want guys that are versatile. We like to play with good rhythm and tempo. We like to keep the guys out there on the field, so they must be versatile and able to do all those things. He is a guy, as you can tell in the highlights that you have seen, that we can hand him the football, we can flip it to him, we can do things with him behind the line of scrimmage. He’s run very effectively on reverses and stuff like that. And the returns show that as well. We’re looking for a receiver that would have all that kind of versatility and he was really an exciting one to draft. “


“ I had a lot of great interviews with pretty much all the staff. Just going through it, they made me feel more comfortable when it comes to being taken care of when I come to Seattle. I know I’ll be able to come in there and get better and won’t have to worry too much about the nonsense. I felt that energy directly. It’s just great to be able to go into something that’s already written because me saying that I put that energy into the world and obviously it’s already been written as I’m a Seahawk and all. I’m grateful for it. “

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