Seahawks Bobby Wagner on players keeping safe, “ Were all grown men”

NFL players began the the process of returning to team sites this week. Last Tuesday was the first day players  were allowed to show up and get tested at their designated site. In the new  normal  players show up take tests on back to back days  then go home and self isolate for 24hours, before returning on Day 4  to take another test.  Each player must have three negative tests before they can proceed to get a  physical and equipment. Team physicals are scheduled for Aug. 1 and  2.  The above protocols are to get players in the building. Once players are in the building  there’s  another extensive list of protocols.


Defensive captain Bobby Wagner was asked during the  Wednesdays media conference how the team was going to police each other?

“ We are not going to police grown men, a lot of this will be about players checking, communication with each and getting the message of safety out to players.  At the end of the day it is about self discipline. You can have a bunch of leaders telling what to and you can have people following you . At some point you are going to be by yourself and you have to know those decision’s are going to effect  family, friends and teammates.”

Here are video clips from Wagner who was named the 13th best player by his peers in the annual NFL top 100 list.  


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