Huskies Jimmy Lake on safety, accountability, and competition

Husky head coach Jimmy Lake started Tuesday’s teleconference with warm greeting quickly acknowledged the serious nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In true Lake like fashion, the greeting was delivered with energy and hope.

“ Welcome everybody hope everyone is healthy and safe and their families in these unprecedented times Lake said.”  Even though we would like everything to get back to normal safety is number1”

Husky head coach Jimmy Lake


When Chris Petersen stepped down from coaching last December, he mentioned a loss of passion the need to recharge. In stepped a charged up Lake full energy, excitement and newness to the Husky Football program. All without the Huskies holding their first spring camp with Lake as the head coach.

The  Pandemic shut down spring activities but did not stop the delivery of Lake’s expectations to the team during social distance and online learning.

“ We all have to be accountable we are all in our houses separate from each other and players have to do to their works out on their own and they have to take classes by clicking on the computer.”  Strength and conditioning coach Tim Saha created a workout plan for each player, and they started working on the plans Monday.

UW head coach Jimmy Lake on his expectations during spring quarter.


  To Lake, each player must be accountable for their actions in order for the team to be competitive. The Huskies have yet to use their 15 spring practices and could use them before the summer training camp. Given the fluidity of the times, nothing is for certain.

“The whole world is going through this  we are not going to make any excuses about any adversity we are going through.  “ This is going to take an extreme amount of accountability and we will be better for it.”


One position that will be of high interest will be at quarterback. Jacob Eason bolted for the NFL leaving the Huskies in search of a starting quarterback.

Jimmy Lake on the quarterback competition
Jimmy Lake on the defensive back competion

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