” A lot of good things happened,” Seahawks Pete Carroll on win over Eagles

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll met with the media Monday afternoon and was pleased with his overall teams’ 17-9 win over the Eagles despite the lack of a running attack. Quarterback Russell Wilson was the teams leading rusher with 45 yards on nine carries. Here is what the head coach had to say .


Pete Carroll on the team’s injury status after the Eagles game

According to Carroll Mike Lupati has a lingering stinger while Duane Brown’s status won’t be known until later in the week.


In addition to leading the team in rushing yardage Wilson had an outstanding game passing the ball due to his ability to move around the pocket and by time to find the open receiver. Wilson was 18-30 for 325 passing yards, one touchdown and finished with a quarterback rating of 108.3

 “It’s always been that. Hopefully, we don’t want to just run the football. We want to do everything. If you don’t really go for the commitment in the running game, it’s hard to ever get it. In situations where you’re not finding the running game available, we still kept trying to keep the rhythm going and balanced it out pretty well.

It did give Russ a chance to really work the play action stuff and he was able to find the space he needed to make plays. I thought he played an incredibly good game and took advantage of the opportunities. It does fit off one off the other. Sometimes the weather is such that you can’t throw it and that’s why you’ve got to have the running game and you have to be committed to it to have it available when the time comes. That’s the whole point, yes.”

Pete Carroll on the team throwing for 325 yards.


Rookie Wideout DK Metcalf set an NFL record for most receiving yards by a rookie in a playoff game with 7 catches 160 yards and a touchdown.

(On what stood out to him about DK Metcalf) 

“The blocking was really obvious. He had probably three or four down field blocks that were significant in the game. D Mo’s [David Moore] comes to mind. He had one on I think Russ’ run. He had one on the flat route that Marshawn turned up. He was just a monster out there. He played really, really well. I don’t know how much he’s talking about it, but he didn’t play the game he wanted to play last time we were there. It was important to him to put that to rest. He was very competitive about it. Did a nice job.”

(On how important it is to Metcalf to do all of the little things well) 

“He really does care. He wants to be on special teams. He wants to rush the punter. He’s tapping us on the shoulder all the time, what more can I do? He really does take pride in all aspects of it. Part of it is he knows that he’s capable. He knows he can help. He knows he can do stuff. He knows he can be a good blocker.

He could be as good of a blocker as anybody that’s ever played, and he knows that. He wants to go for it and try to be everything that’s out there for him. You love it about the guy. He’s just getting going. There are so many aspects to the blocking game that he’ll get better at over time. The recognition and technique-wise. Physically, he’s capable of doing all of it, but there’s still a lot to learn there. He is so willing that he’s going to be great at it.”


One eyebrow comment from the Monday’s press conference was the news according to Carroll was that Marshawn Lynch will get more reps at running back on Sunday at Green Bay after participating in 18 snaps against the Eagles. Lynch did score a touchdown

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