” This is a big deal for us,” Seahawks Pete Carroll on hosting Buccaneers

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll paid tribute to the Seattle Sounders gutys win over LAFC then quickly jumped into how big of task Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wednesday afternoon during his weekly media press conference.

Tedric Thompson

During Wednesdays press conference Carroll announced that Safety Tedric Thompson will undergo shoulder surgery and be placed on the Injured Reserve list.

The announcement came as a complete surprise because Thompson played on all of the defenses 76 snaps against the Atlanta Falcons .

(On Tedric Thompson’s placement on IR)  “He needs labrum surgery. He’s had a shoulder that’s been bothering him for some time. We’re going to get him fixed up.”

(On if Tedric was playing through the injury)  “Yes. It’s been awhile. He’s been really toughing it out for a good while. We’re going to miss him. He’s been an integral part of our stuff. A really good teammate. We love the guy and we hate that he’s not going to get to play, but we’ve got to fix him up.”

(On what made the determination to do the surgery now)  “Because it’s bothered him that much. We need to fix it. He’s been making it through it, and he can’t keep it going.”

(On if Tedric’s injury was something he didn’t have to include on the injury report) 

“He’s just been, last year or something like that. He had something that he was concerned about. This week, it just went. We have to fix him up.”

Center Justin Britt suffered a season ending knee injury during the Atlanta win and was replaced by Joey Hunt who according to Carroll is an able replacement for Britt.

(On the passing game and the Buccaneers having two strong receivers)  “They’re just loaded with talent. Chris [Godwin] is their leading receiver, but Mike Evans is the star that we’ve watched for years. If you just watch the last game, Mike was all over the place making plays and lightening up. He made a lot of tough catches in difficult situations.

You can see the confidence that Jameis has in those guys to throw the ball when they’re in trouble and in traffic, giving them a chance to make a play. It makes those guys really dangerous. They’ve got other guys, too. They’ve got other guys that can fly. This is a pretty classic group for Bruce [Arians] to have where he’s got his receivers that are really stellar. It’s a difficult offense to deal with.”

(On if the game against the Falcons was the most impactful Jadeveon Clowney has been)  

“Yeah, I think that might’ve been his best game. It’s pretty hard when you score a touchdown in the game to kickstart a ball game like he did a couple weeks ago. He’s been consistently active. I go back to his pressure numbers are 16, 17% or something like that. It’s a good number. We’ve just got to get him to come in a couple more times and knock the quarterback down just so we can all cheerlead and stop asking questions. I love the way he’s playing, run and pass. He’s really active. He’s getting ahold of the system now and he’s taking advantage of it. I think we’re just going to continue to see a lot of productivity out of him.”

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