Sights sounds and quotes from Seahawks 30-16 loss to the Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Seahawks at their own game Sunday afternoon at CenturyLink Field. The Ravens used a bruising ground game and forced two Seattle turnovers on their way to winning their third consecutive game. Here are sights, sounds and quotes from the game.




(On Lamar Jackson)  You’ve got to respect that man’s game. He’s one of a kind. You don’t see a lot of quarterbacks like that. For the most part, I think our defense did a great job. A couple plays he got away from us. It’s our job as an offense. They put up points, we got to put up points, too. We had the same kind of weapon in our offense. We got to just take care of the ball better. Something that we’ve been struggling with this whole season. All credit goes to that team over there. We hurt ourselves a lot in that game.

(On where he thinks the offense could have done better today)

  Everything. It’s not just one thing that you could pick. Run the ball better. More receptions, more receiving yards. Stuff like that. It’s everything.

(On the biggest difference between the first and the second half) 

I feel like they just made adjustments during the halftime and caught us off guard. We hurt ourselves a little bit. All credit goes to them in that.

(On if it was odd to see an interception from Russell Wilson)

  It was weird seeing it, especially how it happened. Every quarterback makes mistakes. He does a great job of bouncing back. He never doubts himself. He never doubts us. He’s a true leader. Things like that happen, but we have to respond.


(On if Baltimore did anything different up-front pressure wise than what they were expecting)

  No. they did everything in the books which we thought they would. We were prepared. We just didn’t quite execute the way we wanted to.

(On how he thinks they managed their blitzing) 

Obviously, Russ got hit quite a bit today. We were scrambling. I think we did okay. I don’t think we did great. I’m obviously included in that. I didn’t start the game that well in pass pro. Trying to just not be myself, trying to make something up. We’ll just have another good week, stay into it. We’re 5-2. Let’s end up 14-2. We’ll be alight. Just keep going to work.

(On if there was anything he was specifically doing to facilitate the pressure to the edges) 

Yeah, They got two really huge, wide center blocks in there. It’s going to be hard to run right down the middle. At the same time, we know that we can run outside. For whatever reason, things just weren’t clicking the way we wanted it too. They played a pretty good game. Whenever you’re in a game like that, where you’re playing pretty much yourself, you’ve got to be right in all areas. We weren’t.

(On if it was surprising to see Russell Wilson’s interception) 

It’s kind of inevitable. That moment is kind of inevitable. It sucks that it went for six. He’s going to be Russ and he’s going to be alright. We’re going to get back to it and do our job to protect and keep him cleaner. He’ll be alright. He’s still the best quarterback in the league. I really believe that he’s our leader. He’ll be alright. Get back to work. Just show up ready to work.


(On if seeing Lamar Jackson’s speed in real life was different than on film)

It is. I always wanted to play against Michael Vick, I guess I’m getting the new era with Lamar Jackson right there. I’m a fan of him though. He’s still a great player, did his thing today and won the game.

(On if he thinks Lamar is the best quarterback they will face this season) 

Yeah, fast-wise. Speed, yes. Fastest I think we’re ever going to see the rest of the season up to this point. I though Kyler Murray was fast. He’s on a different level. He’s on a whole different level. He’s in a lane of his own. Fast guy. He can make anything happen for that team. They all own a bandwagon riding with them what they’re supposed to do getting behind a quarterback. We got a great one here, too, though.

(On if he was frustrated with Lamar the whole game) 

Yeah, the whole game. I’m telling him, we can’t rush how we want. Can’t get out of the rushing lane because we’re scared he’s going to run with the ball like he did today. Even though we stayed in our rush lane, he still found a way and made a play and got through there. He made a lot of guys miss today. He had a good game.

(On if there was a play he thought he had Lamar)

Yeah, that goal line play. I thought I was going to get him. Anybody else probably would’ve fell and took the sack, but him, he just shot right up and there you go. There he went.

(On games like this if it was more about facing a tough quarterback or if it was more about playing better)  Eighty percent of it was facing that dude and stopping the run. We knew that he was going to come into the game and try to run. He’s been having exploding run offs, explosive running all season. A lot of it was going to be on the quarterback. They got open. They got open for him when they made plays. He threw it to him. He ran with it the way he had been to get the job done.


(On how he thinks the offense did today) 

It was a tough day. I think the first half we did good. We did exactly what we wanted to do. We put ourselves in really great positions early on. I just think that in the second half, Baltimore switched a lot of stuff up. They played different types of defenses that they didn’t in the first half. I think they did a really good job adjusting, kind of putting us in an awkward position.

(On his touchdown catch) 

I don’t really remember what the play was. I ran my route. I do remember what the play was. I ran my route and I saw that Russell was kind of scrambling. I just go back into the scrambling drills, like what do I need to do to get open. Like I said, it’s backyard football at the end of the day. For me, I was kind of trying to position myself in a way to get open. Right before I was about to make a move, I saw that Russ threw the ball. I kind of turned my head around as fast as I could. I kind of saw the ball carrying a little bit towards me, so I knew I could try to make a play on it. I made a move on it and the DB didn’t think that I was going to be able to get to the ball. I was able to secure the catch, get the ball under the hands to where it didn’t hit the ground and got the touchdown.

(On if Earl Thomas was talking a lot on the field) 

Yeah, he was talking. Not talking trash or anything. He was just talking just getting the defense lined up. All that type of stuff. Just stuff he did in Seattle, making sure everybody knew what they were doing, knew the adjustments, all those different types of things based off of the plays they probably thought we were going to run. He was trying to put everybody in position to be able to stop what we were doing.

(On his message to DK Metcalf after his fumble) 

Just told him to keep playing. At the end of the day, things are going to happen. We don’t have control over things that happen. You just have to be able to keep on playing. People are going to talk. People are going to point the finger. They’re going to say whatever they’re going to say. When you make a great play, guess what? They’re the same people that screaming your name saying good job, good catch.

Good touchdown. We needed you. All those different types of things. I think it’s just being able to stay level headed, just to be able to stay grounded. Go back and do the work. It’s the same thing that we talked about. Regardless of if they praise you. Just do the work. Regardless of if they criticize you, do the work. If you make every single play, do the work. If you don’t make every single play, do the work. Regardless, just stay true to the work and the results are going to come. Sometimes, they might not look like what we want them to look like. If you just keep putting in the work, eventually, you’re going to prevail.


(On if he was trying to do too much when he fumbled…)

No I was just trying to switch the ball and it came out. I just have to do better on my end.

(On if the fumble was caused by the weather…)

No I’m not going to blame it on the weather. We practice with a wet ball all the time so I’m not going to blame it on the weather. It was my fault 100 percent.

(On how the defense adjusted in the second half…)

They started bringing more pressure. They’re a good football team. They had a great plan to try and stop our offense. We just have to go back to work and be better next week.

(On the Ravens not bringing as much pressure in the second half and dropping more players in coverage…)

We have to be on our game plan and don’t change what we’re doing just because they’re bringing something new. We just always have to be sound with what we’re doing on offense.

(On what he’ll take from this game…)

It’s always a learning experience. Go back and watch film to see what I need to work on better.

(On how the game got away from them in the second half…)

We need to execute on offense better. The defense played great. On offense, we gave up two touchdowns so I believe that played a big role in it

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