Impression from Seahawks 30-16 loss to Ravens

The  Seattle Seahawks were humbled  30 to 16 Sunday afternoon at CenturyLink Field by the visiting Baltimore Ravens who beat them at their own game of running the ball and causing turnovers. The Seahawks kept pace with the Ravens in the first half of the game but things quickly unraveled in the second half as Lamar Jackson showed the Seahawks and their fans why he is the most dynamic player in the NFL.


The Seahawks game planned for Lamar Jackson and  the plan to contain him inside the pocket, slow him down on the designed runs temporarily worked. The Seahawks defense was able to  limit Jackson’s effectiveness on first and second downs but the plan quickly went array went array when the lighting  quick and elusive Jackson  broke containment  by scrambling on plays that led to long and destructive gains.

With 2:07 left in the third quarter and the game tied at 13-all  the Ravens were facing a 3rd and 15 at the Seattle 21 yard line. Jackson  scrambled for 13 yards and on 4-2  Jackson the  Ravens went for it and took the lead on an 8 yard by Jackson.


League MVP candidate Russell Wilson had his worst game of the season. The Ravens blitzes had an impact on Wilson who was knocked in and around the pocket.  Wilson threw his first  interception of the  season and snapped his streak of 194 attempts without an interception.  The interception was a 64 yard pick six by  Marcus Peters who joined the Ravens this week via a  trade with the Los Angeles Rams. Wilson’s passing numbers reflected the type of day he had 20 of 41 for 241 yards 1 touchdown 1 sack and 1 interception.

Just made a bad play, They obviously made the play and took it back to the house. But we weren’t out of the game at that point. We stayed encouraged,, were able to move the ball down the field the next drive. I think we scored or kicked a field goal or something like that and the game was 13-13 for a while. But just disappointed , just a good player over there, he made a good play.

Wilson on the pass interception


Going into the game  the Seahawks were a +6 in turnover differential  while the Ravens  were at 0. The  gave up two turnovers that were turned into touchdowns by the Ravens defense and that was the difference in the game. DK Metcalf’s fumble  after a catch at the  Seattle 18 yard was returned 18 yards for a touchdown and was a down right  back breaker. At that point the Seahawks were down 23 to 13 with  3:37 left in the game. The point is not that Metcalf’s fumble lost the game but like Wilson’s pick six had a major impact in the game.


After the game Wilson was quoted as saying that the Seahawks are 5-2 and not down in the dumps. Pretty much what you would expect him or any other player to say. The Seahawks played a bigger and better version of themselves. The Ravens have won three straight games counting Sundays win at Centurylink by leading the NFL in rushing and playing rock hard solid defense. The Seahawks 5-2 record has them second in NFC West behind the league leading 6-0 San Francisco 49ers and one game ahead of the 4-3 Rams. There is still a lot of football to play and the Seahawks will need to get impactful starters like Duane Brown, Bradley McDougald and Rashaad Penny back on the field quickly so the team can jell for the upcoming stretch run.

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