Seahawks Chris Carson feeling healthy and mentally ready for Browns

Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson met with the media Thursday afternoon and proclaimed himself mentally and physically ready to face the Cleveland Browns. Carson looks to have shed the fumblerities he had earlier in the season.

(On how he spent his extra time off after Thursday’s game against the Rams) 

“I just chilled for the most part. I let my body heal up and hung out with my dogs. I went to Atlanta, so I guess that would be fun.”

(On his level of soreness after playing two games in five days) 

“You don’t feel it until after the next couple of days, so after the game I felt good. I felt normal. The next couple of days you start feeling it, different spots. My body for the most part does pretty good at bouncing back. I feel pretty good now.”

(On how it was to see Jamarco Jones play in his first game and how he helped keep the offense going)

  “I didn’t even notice that he was in, he did such a great job just coming in and filling that role. He did a great job handling Aaron Donald, that’s a hard task that to ask of anybody coming into their first game and go against. But he did a great job.”

(On when he feels physically ready to play another game on a normal week) 

“I would say around Thursday. After that first day of running at Wednesday’s practice, you start feeling a little better. But after that, it’s uphill from there.”

(On if he was still sore playing in the game against the Rams)

  “Of course. It’s part of the game. My rehab was a little bit more that week just to get prepared for that game on Thursday. The day of the game I was 100%.”

(On if the extra time off felt like three weeks off) 

“It does, but it doesn’t at the same time. The days went by so fast, but my body feels back to normal.”

(On if he expected to play as much as he did)  “I don’t really have any expectations when I go out there. Whatever they want me to do, I’ll do it. If they want me to play the whole game, if they want me to play half the game, I’m available whenever.”

(On what he thinks the running game needs for it to make a jump to the next level) 

“Just staying consistent, getting better with the little things each and every day. It’s a long season, staying healthy, there’s a lot of little things that we can do.”

(On what it means to be mentally strong as an athlete) 

“I think it’s big. I think it’s probably one of the most important things. It’s hard to go in depth with it but, having a lot of people just talk to you about it. Especially going through what I went through the first couple of weeks, that really played a big part in it. Keeping your mind right is a big part of how you play, so I feel like it’s very important.”

(On the Seahawks having a mental coach) 

“Yeah, I talked to him right before the Arizona game. He told me, “just give me two things.” I gave him the two things, and he said, ‘Whatever you do out there, just think about those two things,’ and that’s what I did. It really worked out and it played a big part.”

(On if he watched the Browns on Monday Night Football)  “I watched a little bit of it. I try not to watch too much football outside of football. It was kind of like a homework assignment I would say, since we play them. So, yeah I watched a little bit of it.”

(On what he picked up watching the 49ers run game success against the Browns)

 “The 49ers did a great job running the ball. They change it each and every week. Just because a team does a good thing on one side of the ball or whatever, the running game may be good one week, but the next week the defense can shut down that run, and the pass game is running open. It always changes week in and week out. So, you can’t really just rely on that one game to be like, ‘So, now the Seahawks that are going to rush for 250.’ At the end of the day, it’s the NFL and they’re going to make adjustments, they’re going to come out ready play.”

(On what his two things were that he told his mental coach about) 

“I can’t tell you. It’s my own little thing.”

(On what he heard about his TD catch and his bobble) 

“Really all they said was congratulations. Nobody really said too much about that. I have some jokes from back at my college, a couple teammates from college. We used to have this thing saying, “Who has the top five hands on the team?’ It would be the receivers, running backs, cornerbacks. Everybody would be in that competition and I always said that I was top five. A couple of guys that said they were in that top five, they we’re clowning me, saying “You can’t be in the top five, you can’t make that simple catch,’ and things like that. A couple little jokes like that but nothing serious.”

(On what he saw when he looked at his catch on film)

  “You can’t really tell but, the light is in my eye. If you look at the visor, and you get that view, you can see the light glaring off it. But, I’m just glad I made that catch.”

(On if he thought Russell Wilson was going to run)

  “With Russ [Wilson] you never know, he can change his mind at the last second and make a big play so you always have to be looking for the ball.”

(On if he was trying to make it look more dramatic) 

“Yeah, I had to make it a little suspenseful for you guys.”

(On how he feels physically)

  “I feel good, close to 100%. It’s still early in the week, so we have some time. But I feel pretty good.”

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