” We should have run the ball more and passing game was poor” Monday morning roundup with Chris Petersen

After looking at the Stanford film in which his team was thoroughly beaten 23-13 Husky head coach Chris Petersen was forthright and candid during his weekly press conference with local media.


Petersen opening statement on the loss to Stanford


The Huskies rushed for a mere 88 yards with Richard Newton accounting for 64 of those yards before suffering a knee in the second half. Petersen said that the injury would not be forever and that the redshirt freshman would be seeing a specialist. Yes quite a bit of coach speak by Petersen with the bottom line being Newton will miss significant time if not the rest of the season.

“(We) still don’t know his status,” Petersen said during his weekly news conference Monday. “Obviously, he’s laying out on the field in pain and you think it’s going to be forever (that he’ll be out), and it might not be forever. He’s getting somebody to look at him, a specialist, and we’ll figure it out a little bit more.”

“So we still don’t have total information on him, although it might be better than we thought with him laying on the field like he was.”

Chris Petersen on Newton injury

On Saturday the Huskies ran the ball just 37.9% which is a significant drop from their season average of 55.5%

“We’re trying. We’re trying to do that,” Petersen said about running the ball. “But you also play to your strength. And I go back to we probably should have ran more. Our offensive line … if we’re going to second-guess and all that, which we always do as coaches and look back, we probably should have ran the ball more. That’s what we were doing pretty effectively.”


Stanford’s game plan of eating up the clock impaired the Huskies ability to establish a run game which made it difficulty to pass the ball because the Stanford defense went after Eason without any concerns for a substantive run play.


The Husky defense was gashed for 482 total yards 293 of those were passing. Stanford running back Cameron Scarlett rushed for 151 of his teams 189 yards. Scarlett’s success on the ground opened up the Stanford passing game.

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