Seahawks return to work after rare weekend off

The Seattle Seahawks returned to work Monday after enjoying a rare weekend off due to Thursday Night’s game against the LA Rams. A Prime Time win over a Division opponent made the weekend that much more pleasurable for the players and coaching staff.


On what he saw from the pass rush during the game that makes him believe they can come alive soon) 

“There was real good activity from Jadeveon [Clowney] for certain, as well as Quinton [Jefferson] was really active too. Those guys were around the ball a lot. We were so close to three or four sacks. You can just feel it’s coming alive. I think just the combination with Zig [Ziggy Ansah] outside and what’s going on inside, I think we’re going to be able to work together better. We’ll spot them a little better.”

(On if Jadeveon is starting to look like he would have if he had a regular off season)

  “No, not yet. I think it’s all the prep time for him in our style of what we’re asking him to do. He’s rushing the passer all the time. I think he would’ve just had the benefit of all of the work off season wise with his hands and feet and the things that we do technically. I think he would’ve been further along. He’s a natural athlete. This comes to him. He’s active. He’s real active. The thing I really like is he’s really active in looking like he’s going to come alive and have a big game here in the next couple.

Also, with Ziggy, Ziggy gives such great effort. Chases the football so hard. He’s going to make more plays, too. I think those two guys in particular would be the guys that pick up. We did not rush the backer as much in this game. They didn’t get many chances to help out. There’ll be more in the future.”

(On when he first decided to throw Jamarco Jones in at right guard) 

“It was weeks ago when we started flipping in and out and moving him around. When you’re a backup guy, the more you can do, the better. He’s been working at it. It’s not his first time ever.

It’s his first time ever in a game for him. He’s had considerable work, but he’s a left tackle by his background. So, going over to the other side is enough of an issue in itself. It’s a really first class come through for us that he went over there and played so admirably under the circumstances and the guys he was playing against felt rushed. It’s been awhile that he’s been working at it. It’s just not a lot at any one time yet.”

(On the left to right movement comes easier for some guys more than others) 

“Yes. It just depends. It depends on how cemented they’re in there. He looked fine, obviously. It’s a good transition for him to make, but in his mind, he’s always been a left side guy.”

(On how big of a move Jamarco Jones was making last year before he got hurt) 

“He had made really good impressions because he’s really smart and put things up really quickly. Mike Solari was talking about him a lot, that he seems like a real natural player, stuff makes sense to him. That kind of thing. He got off to a really good positive impression that he made. He just wasn’t able to be around long enough.”

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