Mariners: 5 takeaways from the 2020 schedule

We take a deeper look into the Seattle Mariners’ 2020 schedule, which was released by Major League Baseball on Monday.

If we’re being objective, the release of the Seattle Mariners’ schedule doesn’t hold quite as much anticipation as when the Seahawks announces theirs. This is largely due to the fact the Hawks only play 16 regular season games every year, in comparison to 162 for the M’s.

It also doesn’t help that the Mariners are currently working their way through an unproductive campaign, albeit in large part by design. Throw in the longest current postseason drought in the Majors, and it’s tough for fans to get too excited.

However, this doesn’t mean there wasn’t some intrigue when Major League Baseball released the 2020 schedule on Monday. With this in mind, let’s break down the Mariners’ schedule for next year:

1. Home sweet home

Unlike this year, the Mariners won’t be starting their 2020 campaign on another continent. Into the bargain, they will also begin the season at home for just the third time in 12 years.

The M’s will open a four-game series against their divisional rival Texas Rangers on Thursday, Mar. 26. The seven-game homestand will be completed with three contests versus the Minnesota Twins.

2. Home versus away

The Mariners’ longest homestand of the season will be 10 games and will happen twice, on July. 3-12 and between Aug. 20-30. In terms of individual months, they will play their most home games in August, with 17 contests.

By comparison, the M’s longest road trip next year will come early, with 11 consecutive games between Apr. 16-26. April will also be when they face their most road games in total, with 17 contests.

3. Interleague play

The Mariners will be paired with the National League East next year. This includes home series’ against the Washington Nationals (Apr. 13-14), Atlanta Braves (May 29-31) and Philadelphia Phillies (Jul. 3-5).

The visit of the Nationals to T-Mobile Park will be particularly rare, as it will be the first time since 2011. Turing to their road trips, the M’s will travel to Washington (May 19-20), Miami (Jun. 5-7) and New York (Jul. 17-19) to face the Mets.

4. The Vedder Cup

Whenever the Mariners and Padres play each other, it is jokingly referred to as the “Vedder Cup” series. This is due to Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder having spent time living in both Seattle and San Diego.

In truth, there isn’t really much of a rivalry between the two teams. Regardless, they meet in San Diego on Sept. 1-2 and in Seattle between Sept. 14-15.

5. Other notes

As much as some fans may sports hate the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, it’s always fun when either team comes to town. The Red Sox will be in Seattle between Apr. 9-12 and the Yankees visit from Jun. 1-3.

Expect the annual Canadian invasion, when the Toronto Blue Jays make the trip to the Pacific Northwest. Next year, the team (and a large quota of their fanbase) will be visiting between Jul. 24-26.

Do you still get excited by the release of the Seattle Mariners’ schedule? What games/series are you most looking forward to seeing, and why? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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