Seahawks Carroll, ” Were working on cleaning up stuff”


With their first preseason game out of the way Seahawks head coach believes the next few days of practice are the most important. With game film in hand Carroll and his staff are ready to lay the ground work for a successful season.

“We are trying to clean a lot of things up here. Now that we are out of game week, we’re not preparing for anybody now. We want to make sure we are back to the scheme, go back to the techniques that we are counting on. We’re not experimenting much right now.

We are really working on honing some things and making sure it’s really sharp. Stuff that won’t apply in the next couple game plans, but stuff for the season. It’s just really important that we come out of here with a lot of confidence in what we are doing and what we believe in. I’m looking forward to it.”

Carroll on how important the next few days are to the team.


“Yeah, we had a bunch of penalties. That stood out. Not that they weren’t legit, we had sloppy hands and grabbing too much. Special teams–we were terrific at penalties and had just a few penalties in special teams last year–we just started off terribly there. That was one thing, the other thing, the most positive thing, was just the general effort. The effort was really, really good

. We really ran hard and fast and the way we want to see a team play, in particularly, setting the first impression in motion, I thought they did that. Like I said, running and hitting what was really at hand, and we did that. A lot of stuff to clean up. A lot of guys played, and a lot of guys did good play time, quality play time. It wasn’t just getting in there for a couple of series, where they were out there and you could get a feel for guys, which is important.”

(On these few days being the time to lock in starters)

“Let me clarify. This is really important for guys to show, and where they fit in. Guys that have made good first impressions, I’d like to see where they fit in now because they come back the next time around this week and stand out.

We’ll get guys who did well and will get a chance with the first group and all of that. But, we are not going to lock anything down right now. It’s too early to do that. It’s really not in my mind. Scheme-wise, yes. Not in terms of the depth chart. Sorry I didn’t say that.”

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