Seahawks Day Six Training Camp: dust-up and a Pete Carroll update on injuries

Day Six of the Seattle Seahawks was an eventful day for all of the wrong reason. The practice had a dust-up, some sloppier than usual play and an injury update from head coach Pete Carroll.  The fight between offensive lineman Ethan Pocic and defensive tackle  Jarran Reed resulted in both players being banned from further participation and banished to the sidelines for the remainder of practice.

While determination and energy are attributes that make up a good football player, too much of a good thing can be detrimental in the NFL according to head coach Pete Carroll.

 “Yeah, that was exactly pointed to this day so that I can make a point when the Blue Angels were here, the noise and all that kind of stuff. A couple guys got thrown out of practice today. It’s really important for us to recognize how devastating that can be. In a game, when you only have so many guys and you lose one position, it can change the whole complexion of the game for you. We cannot resort to that at any time. I was pleased to throw them out and fine them and the whole thing.”

Other camp lowlights included a brief scare in when Wider Receiver Tyler Lockett was knocked down and trainers rushed to his side and gasp turned to sighs when it was determined the speedy wideout had the wind knocked out of him. Offensive lineman D.J. Fluker received medical attention but like Lockett, the injury was minor according to Pete Carroll. The head coach also addressed the sloppy play during his post-practice media briefing.

“Yeah, we were off today on the line of scrimmage. For me, it’s one of those opportunities that’s a teachable moment there and say okay, this is how we did. I was telling them if this was the first half, we’re behind. We are not ahead in this game. There are a couple turnovers and they had some penalties that stopped some big plays. Now it’s halftime, what are you going to do about it. Use this opportunity to practice what it takes to get back on course. Tomorrow will be the day that we do that and see if really sharpen it up tomorrow.”

Injury update:

On an update for L.J. Collier)

“He’s got a badly sprained ankle, it’s going to be a little bit. It’s unfortunate, it’s really an awkward position that he got tangled up in. We’ll have to take some time here to figure it out, it’s going to be some weeks though.”

(On if he is expecting him to be out for long)  “We are going to go one week at a time.”

(On Mike Iupati’s injury)  “Mike had a mild sprain, foot. He’s doing great. It shouldn’t be too long. It’s keeping him out right now. He’s in pretty good shape, he’s out of the boot and all of that kind of stuff already. He’s doing well.”

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