Five takeaways from Day four of Seahawks training camp


Seahawks donned pads of Day Four of Training Camp and the attire caused some pop and crackle to the session.

I. Pads make a difference



II. Russell Wilson

The talk of training camp all four days of it, has been the play of the rookie DK Metcalf, Tyler Locket and the rest of the receiving corps.  Lockett is on record saying that this is the most talented and deepest receiving corp the team has had. What is not being mentioned is that quarterback Russell Wilson has been spot on with his passing. Wether deep routes to Metcalf, inside slants to the tight end unit or zone curl routes to Lockett, Wilson has been incredibly accurate.


The rookie linebacker was drafted to play specials teams and be back up at inside linebacker. His play during rookie- minicamp and now training camp is nothing short of exceptional.

  “He’s been amazing, he’s been a really good rookie. I think that his ability to come in and soak up the information and be able to take it to the field and make plays is what a good rookie should do, said Seahawks defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr when asked about Barton’s play.

Barton showed his versatility during todays practice when he played strong side ( SAM ) linebacker.  During yesterdays practice, Barton read the quarterbacks eyes and leaped into the air for an interception.




The  6- foot 3, 228-pound rookie continues to impress teammates and coaches.   While he has not played a down of regular or preseason NFL football, Metcalf continues to jump through all the hoops with high marks.  From rookie minicamp to training camp Metcalf continues to improve.  After working out with Russell Wilson and some of the other receivers, Metcalf has shown improvement on the one knock critics had on him, which was his route running. On Monday Metcalf caught two more touchdowns during team drills and show that he can run a precision route and use his big body to shield a defender.



On enjoying the first padded practice)

  “Yeah, we’ve been looking forward to this since the last time we were in pads and I think a lot of the things we do are getting ready for this day; acclimation, getting guys, working them out, getting them strong for a day like this and so far so good.”


(On his impression of the defense four days into training camp) 

“Really impressed. Guys have come with a great mindset, great work ethic, the guys are close, and they really understand what’s going on. I think that spring ball has really helped us out and a lot of young guys who are really curious and really ready for it to be their time.”


(On what Cody Barton has showed him so far)

  “He’s been amazing, he’s been a really good rookie. I think that his ability to come in and soak up the information and be able to take it to the field and make plays is what a good rookie should do.”

(On how versatile Cody Barton is to play various spots on the defense)  “That’s a good question we’re finding that out. So far he’s been playing one position and today is the only day he played a second position and so we’ll see once we see the film.”


(On Marquise Blair helping the safety group with his return) 

“The group is looking good. I think the guys are working well together. I think it’s important for guys to get continuity. The good guys are back and it’s important to see Bradley [McDougald] and T2 [Tedric Thompson] work together. Then [Shalom] Luani and all the guys are really doing a great job of working in and out. I think so far so good.”


(On what he has seen out of L.J. Collier so far) 

“Like him. The kid is big, strong, fast, just like we expected. He loves ball. I think that he’s really getting comfortable with his environment now, and he’s certainly going to help us.”


(On if an extra day of pads is expected during camp)

  “I don’t know you’ll have to ask the coach about that, he makes the schedule, the head coach. But they’re coming you don’t have to wait too long. That’s what we do, we put pads on, and we run fast and hit people, so you don’t have to wait on it it’s coming.”


(On what it means to this defense to have Bobby Wagner back for years to come)  “Bobby is, as you know, he’s special. He certainly makes us better. Having him on our team is giving us a really good chance to be special. He’s been doing really well and playing at a high level for a really long time and he’s earned it. Now that the contract is over, now it’s back to business. So, we’re excited to have him back.”


(On how he feels about the state of the pass rush with both Jarran Reed and Ezekiel Ansah out) 

“Well, today was our first one-on-one pass rush day, so we’ll get to the film and see that. Our young guys, we have the right guys to step in. They’re ready to go. I think you saw a lot of the young guys step up last year. A lot of new faces you saw made a lot of plays, so we’re excited. The guys are fast, they’re eager, they’re hungry, and can’t wait to get after quarterbacks.”


(On specific areas on the defense he wants to improve from last season)

  “We were solid in many situations. Our situational football was good. Big plays, explosive type plays that really take your averages out of the way. Our run defense was really good and then somebody would make a run on us. Our pass defense was really good, but a big play would come on us. So, keeping down the big plays and making teams work down the field on us because we feel very comfortable in how we play. I think that’s the main thing we really want to keep down.”


(On bringing a more mature Cassius Marsh back to the team) 

“Well he’s been through some things; he’s had some experiences and Cassius he’ll be the first one to tell you that he’s glad to be back. He’s learned a lot, he appreciates where he is now, and I think his maturity has been the main thing. You’ll see a really mature, strong, determined player once we get going.”


(On how Bobby Wagner missed only one tackle last season)

“Work, it’s not easy. It’s hard to do. A lot of the great linebackers they don’t do that. He’s smart, he’s efficient, he’s extremely athletic, he knows his space. He has great balance and he doesn’t get out of position much. He keeps his feet together and balanced like boxers do, keep them nice and balanced. You’ll never see him off balance much. He’s got good, strong hands, once he gets his hands on you it’s over.”




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