Seahawks Pete Carroll, ” It was hard to watch the film.

Seattle Seahawks (8-6) head coach Pete Carroll met with the media  Monday during his weekly press conference and Positive Pete was positive and brutally honest after game film of the teams 26 to 23 overtime loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

The Seahawks committed a season-high 14 penalties for 148 yards and several of the penalties were drive killers that could have seen the Seahawks win their fifth consecutive game and clinch a playoff berth. 

Carroll on penalties against 49ers and moving on.

While the Seahawks are still the front-runners to make the NFC Playoffs, as the fifth seed, ( the top six teams advance) Pete Carroll confident the team can overcome the mistakes and Sundays game could serve as a wake-up call.

 Yeah, sometimes it can be. We’ve just got to see how we bounce (back) from it. We were rolling pretty good there. We had four really strong games in a row. We’ve done a lot of good things for a long time and that’s why there are so many positives you can see in the game. They’re all right in front of you.

The numbers and the stats and the emphasis and completions and rushes and all those kinds of things – they add up to success. Usually, the turnover thing, no turnovers on offense, all those things usually spell a win for you. Without the added issue of getting behind on the penalty situation, we would’ve won the game. It’s really clear. It’s not like there’s any mystery of what happened in this game. We’ve just got to clean it up.”

                                    INJURY REPORT

The injury report from Sundays game was a mixed bag in that there some encouraging news regarding  K.J. Wright  and an ominous wait  and see quote regarding Jordan Simmons, D.J.Fluker, Rashaad Penny and   Bradley McDougald

Seahawks linebacker K.J Wright in action versus Chargers.

(On K.J. Wright)

“K.J.’s going to practice this week and we’ll see how he does. The ramping up has worked just fine and he’s ready to go. We’re thinking if the week goes well, he’s got a chance to play – which he’s really excited about, we’ll see what happens. But we really won’t know until the day we go and then the next day and the next day as we know. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for him.”

(On Jordan Simmons’ status)

“We’ll let you know in a couple of days here what’s going on, more so when we know, but he has a knee injury. He’s got a pretty good knee injury. It’s going to be an issue.”

(On how close D.J. Fluker is to returning from injury)

“We’re going to know in the next few days. I can’t tell you right now. We’re hoping that he might have a chance.”

(On Bradley McDougald)

“Pretty sore. That’s going to be all the way until the end of the week.”

Seahawks defense huddles up.(

(On Rashaad Penny’s status)

“I don’t know that yet. We’ve got to wait a couple of days here. We’ll see by Wednesday. He’s working hard to try to get back but it’s not certain yet, if he’s going to be able to turn it around or not.”

(On Delano Hill and Shalom Luani filling in for Bradley McDougald)

“I thought both those guys did a nice job. I mentioned to the team today that those guys stepping into their opportunity, both did some good things and were effective in the game. We were really happy to see that.

With Bradley getting banged up, we needed those guys and we had to keep our special packages alive. They jumped right in there and did a nice job. They prepared really well. Both guys made some nice plays in the game. That’s just helping us move ahead with confidence that those guys can go in and we can use those guys if we need them this weekend.”

(On if there was any thought in overtime about deferring with how well the defense was playing)

“No. No, we’re going to get the ball. Get the ball, go first, go get it. Thank you. Great job by Brett Hundley (to win the coin toss).”

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