Seahawks Wilson on facing 49ers again, Jordan Simmons and Doug Baldwin factor

Seattle  Seahawks (8-5) quarterback Russell Wilson had one of his best performances in week thirteen against the San Francisco( 3-10) at CenturyLink Field.  In the Seahawks 43 to 16 win over the 49ers, Wilson’s passing numbers were off the charts, He was 11 of 17 for 185 yards and four touchdowns with a passer rating of 140.  Wilson’s performance against the 49ers earned him some high praise from head coach Peter Carroll.

I thought he did really good.  He just missed “No-E” on a crossing route and other than that he really had a great football game.  There’s always a couple of passes that get away in there somewhere, but the way he’s running the club, it’s a great way for us to play.  To be able to hammer the football like that, and he takes full advantage of that by having guys open.

On Sunday the Seahawks will be in the Bay Area for round II as the two teams will conclude their season series. While the 49ers do not have much to play for besides professional pride, Wilson believes Sunday game will a challenging due to the 49ers multi-look defense  

 “Well, it’s always tough in the sense that they know you a little bit better and vice versa, but also you have an understanding of what they do. It kind of gives you a kick-start into the week. They’re a very, very challenging defense in terms of all of the looks that they give and everything else. We’ve been studying like crazy, just making sure that we’re ready for those and everything else.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever played a team one week and then play another team and then the next week we play there unless it’s been the playoffs maybe but I don’t recall that. It’ll be a great game going down there to San Francisco and playing there and they just came off a big win so they’ll be ready to play.”

Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin is expected to return to the line up against the 49ers  after missing last Sundays Seahawks game against the Minnesota  Vikings. Baldwin had two catches for 21 yards and a touchdown against the 49ers in game one. For Wilson, a healthy Baldwin is a difference maker in the Seahawks becoming a great offense.

“Well, you always want Doug in because he’s one of the best receivers in the game. When unfortunately he can’t go in the game because he’s dinged up or whatever, it’s always different just because we’ve thrown so many touchdowns together and thrown so many completions, and done some of these great things together and it’s always been fun having him out there because we have that look where when he knows something, I know something and we have to go after somebody or whatever that may be.

We’ve been able to establish a great rapport with Tyler (Lockett) this year and in the past years as well. David Moore has really been special for us this year, too. So many other guys, but we have one of the best receivers in the game in Doug Baldwin and you can’t cover him in the slot. You want him to be out there as much as you can and I know he’s working his tail off every day. There’s nobody that works harder than he does. He’ll practice through everything usually. I know he’s dying to get back out there, that’s for sure.”

While he had a stellar game against the San Francisco 49ers, Wilson had a subpar performance in the teams 21 to 7  Monday night win over the Minnesota Vikings. In that game, Wilson was 10 of 20 for 72 yards with no passing touchdowns and one interception.

“I had that bad play – that was bad. Then, I think on a couple deep plays, I think I under threw David (Moore) on one of them. The other one we actually caught – I thought his left foot was down then right and then his left was out. I thought that was actually a touchdown on that one. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to review that one. I think there is a couple other plays here and there. Ultimately, we knew it was going to be a battle. We knew it was going to be a hard-fought game, they had a great defense, great defensive line. What we did to be able to finish the game was all that matters. I don’t worry about all the other stuff except for winning. That’s always been the case.”

Doug Baldwin walks back to the huddle. (

 Jordan Simmons replaced the injured D.K Fluker at right guard and the offense did not miss a beat according to Wilson who praised the Right  Guard for his performance.

“Jordan Simmons has been a great addition to our football team. He’s a young, super athletic, physical guy. I don’t know, he’s probably 340 pounds – as big as you can get. He’s just strong, he’s smart, he really understands the game, he’s calm in there. The two teams he really played a lot against, the Rams obviously him playing in that game. That’s arguably one of the best defensive lines in the game and I thought he did a really good job in that game. This past week when we played the Vikings, they have an unbelievable defensive line too.

I thought he’s done a tremendous job of just being calm, being poised, being ready. He had to step in I believe in the 49ers game at one point too. He’s been able to fight the good fight in the sense of just being ready to play. He’s a tremendous, tremendous athlete as big as he is and he’s really smart. He’s played a lot of ball in college too as well, so he has a great pedigree in that sense of being in a great history of playing. He’s got no fear, so it’s good that he’s on our team for sure.”

Seahawks Jordan Simmons awaits the call in the huddle. (

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