Coach speak: Seahawks Pete Carroll and Green Bays Mike McCarthy on Thursday game

The  Green Bay Packers (4-4-1) and the Seattle Seahawks (4-5)  will tangle underneath the lights Thursday Night ( 5:20 p.m. PT) in front of a nationally televised audience in what amounts to a must-win game for both teams. A loss will put the loser in an almost impossible position to make the playoffs.  The Seahawks will be losing to snap their two-game losing streak while the Packers will be looking to make it two wins in a row after last Sundays 31-12 win over the Miami Dolphins.


Green Bay Packers  Mike McCarthy

(On the mood around the Packers facility after defeating the Dolphins)

“Well, it’s definitely positive nature, but no different from the Seahawks (where) you come out of the game Sunday and you’ve got to turn right around (so) you’re ready to play on Thursday night and everybody in the league goes through the challenge of playing on Thursday night. We’re focused on just really getting ready for this game and especially leaving town this evening.”

(On the challenge of playing on the road for Thursday Night Football)

“Well, the travel part of it impacts it as much as anything just because everybody has a schedule that they’d like to stick to. We’ve been fortunate in the last couple of years, we’ve played at home on Thursday night but now we’re on the road and the travel component is high so that’s why we’re leaving Tuesday night.”

(On giving any thought to depart for Seattle on Wednesday instead of Tuesday)

“Yeah, so we actually had two plans. As we looked at the season and especially (when) we went out to L.A. early, I felt like the preparation aspect of it – when we have gone early – I feel like that’s helped our football team so we’ve done it a handful of times over the years.”

(On Aaron Rodgers dealing with an injury)

“He’s managing it each and every day. It’s something that we knew was a big injury when it occurred and you’ve just got to give him a tremendous amount of credit in what he does to get himself ready each and every week.”

(On Jimmy Graham)

“Jimmy’s been a real asset to our football team. He’s an excellent fit in the locker room and obviously a very good player. I think any time you have players who transition from other opportunities, it may take longer than you’d like but I think he’s a great fit for us. We’re real happy he’s here.”


(On Aaron Jones)

He’s playing very well. He’s really played very well all year with his opportunities. He’s really picked it up and the things that we felt like he needed to focus on so we’re really happy with his production in the run game but he’s been a complete three-down back for us.”

(On defending the Seahawks run game)

“It’s totally different, in my opinion. You see the impact of Brian Schottenheimer and Mike Solari on their offense and it definitely starts in the run game, just the volume and variation is higher. Obviously, the production speaks for itself.”

(On his relationship with Brian Schottenheimer)

“Brian, it goes all the way back to 1993. I was very fortunate to have worked for his father in Kansas City, who is I think a mentor to all of us that have had a chance to spend time with Marty (Schottenheimer) – and even Pat Schottenheimer, his mother, has a big impact on myself personally and professionally. I’ve known Brian since 1993 and watched him go through the high school and college years, and then into coaching. I’m very happy for his success.”

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll


Quotes from  Carroll Press Conference:

(On Dion Jordan being listed as questionable)

“It’s just wear and tear from last week’s game. He played really hard and really well last week, and we just wanted to make sure and take care of him and there’s a lot of games left. We’ve got to make some good decisions to make sure we’re handling him well and taking care of his knee.”

(On if there is a sense of urgency)

“Well, it has nothing to do with what happened. It has to do with this game coming up. This is a huge matchup again. It’s Thursday night, it’s all that kind of stuff. We’ve recognized that. We have our way of putting it behind us and I think everything, just judging by the way that these guys have been focused and tuned into it, all of their attention is on this game and that’s all I can hope for. We know that these games are championship matchups and we’re going to take everything we have to have a good showing and we couldn’t spend any time on anything other than this preparation and that’s what we’ve done.”

(On Barkevious Mingo)

“He’s done a lot for us. He has done a really good job of spreading his availability across the board. He’s a great (special) teams player, he’s our leading producer in special teams, and he’s in all aspects of it – he’s been a rusher, he’s been an outside guy playing SAM linebacker, he’s played the WILL backer spot for us, nickel, done some specialty things in rushes as well. He’s always available. He’s a marvelous competitor so we didn’t know that he would be able to play behind the ball. I think I probably said that a couple weeks back, but he took to it and he’s been a great learner as well. He’s been a really fantastic addition and surprised us in so much versatility.”

(On Packers WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling and RB Aaron Jones)

“Yeah, they’re impactful players. Aaron Jones has been terrific for their offense. I don’t think anybody’s averaging more yards per attempt than he is and his explosive plays just add to the difficulties of balancing out how you’re going to stop these guys because Aaron (Rodgers) causes so many problems in their throwing game. Valdes-Scantling has just been a big-play guy. He’s really fast and he’s big and all that. They got a great pick in him. He looks like a tremendous talent.”

(On Bradley McDougald’s impact)

“Yeah, it’s a really big deal and Delano (Hill) being banged up a little bit from the game, it really made a difference and Bradley feels great. What we did a week ago in working him (in) his rehab, it really took and he had made a big jump and he’s feeling really positive about that. He’s been a very special player for us this year and he’s been a little bit hampered the last couple weeks so it’s great to have him back. I think he’s full-go and we’re counting on that.”

(On if Rashaad Penny has earned more carries)

“Well, we’ll have to see when we get to the game. He certainly did a great job last week. It was great to see him bust out like that and it’s good for any young guy to have that kind of ballgame for the confidence and all of that. He’s going to play. He’ll be in the game.”

(On Neiko Thorpe)

“Neiko looked great in his running today. We can take that one to game time but this is also a case (of) when he gets back, we’ve got to keep him back. These extra couple days of this next week are really kind of attractive to giving these guys one more shot at really coming back strong. We’re considering that.”

(On Delano Hill)

“He practiced. He worked through it. He’s got a quad thing that’s bothering him that happened in this game. If this was a Sunday game, it wouldn’t be any question but the fact that it’s a Thursday game, it does accelerate so he brought it up – the concern that maybe we can’t get him out there but we’ll see. We’ll see how he is on game day – tomorrow.”



Record 4-5 4-4-1
Total Yards Gained 3,133 3,629
Total Offense ( NFL Rank) 348.1 (23) 403.2 (7)
Rush Offense 152.2 (1) 115.6(14)
Passing Offense 195.9(27) 287.7(6)
Points Per Game 24.3(15) 24.8(13)
Total Yards Allowed 3,122 3,113
Total Defense 346.9(11) 345.9(10)
Rush defense 118.6(T18) 120.9(22)
Points Allowed/ Game 21.3(9) 24.0(T16)
Possession Avg. 30:54 30:40
Sacked /Yds Lost 29/204 27/207
Sacked Made/Yds. Lost 23/141 31/221
Interceptions By 10 6
Penalties/Yds 69/570 64/585
Punts/Avg 44/48.0 34/43.2
Turnover Differential +8(T4) 0(T17)

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