Seahawks Russell Wilson; ” We are on the verge”

Despite their current two-game losing streak, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson believes the team is on the verge of not only winning  Thursday nights game against the Green Bay Packers but primed for a championship run.

Wilson spoke to the media  Tuesday afternoon and he believes the team is ready to an extended winning streak.


The first obstacles in the Seahawk going on any type of a winning streak is the Green Bay Packers who will visit CenturyLink Field for Thursday Nights (5:20p.m. PT) Nationally televised game.


Quotes from Wilson

(On how much of being clutch is natural and how much is learned)

“In terms of making plays in the clutch, I think it’s a mixture of a few things. First of all, the first thing you have to have is great confidence, you have to have no fear in tough moments when the game is on the line – you have to look forward to those moments. I think the second thing is you have to visualize those moments, not just in the middle of a game, but on your off-day, in the summer time, your whole life, you visualize making the play, making the catch, making the throw, hitting the home run, whatever it may be.

Then I think the final thing is, it’s just about ultimately in those moments trying to do things right – really, really tight and just trying to do all the little things right. I think that’s when great players, great free throw shooters they may say keep your elbow in, focus on the little things. I think those are the things that really show up across the board, especially in a team sport, so I think that’s always really critical. I think that we are on the verge of doing all those things.”

Wilson and Hundley sidestepping
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Brett Hundley go through drills during practice. (

(On if he noticed anything different about Rashaad Penny before the Week 10 game)

“I think first of all, he was back in Cali (California). I think that he had a great game. He has been working his tail off to be great. He really got his opportunity and that’s a great thing about our offense right now. We’ve got a stable of running backs that can step in, play and do great. Obviously, Chris Carson has been a superstar so far for us. Mike Davis has been exceptional as well. Then, you think about Penny who’s our first-round draft pick, to come in and battle – he had a great, great training camp.

For him to come out against a great football team in the Rams, one of the best teams in football, and to run the way he did was exciting to see. He really hit the hole well – he saw the hole, accelerated. He got his first touchdown, which is always – whenever you get your first touchdown in the National Football League, it kind of gives you chills a little bit just because your whole life you’ve been working for that. You play pee-wee football, you play video games, you think about it everyday when you wake-up. You work out in the summer time and then you score your first score your first NFL touchdown, you’re looking forward to the next one. It’s super exciting to have him playing great right now. We have so many other guys – obviously C.J. (Prosise) and J.D. (McKissic), those two guys can play really well too. It’s an exciting position for us.”


(On what is demanded of the team to prepare for a Thursday night game)

“I think it demands a few things. First of all, you have to know how to get your body ready. How to just do the simple things right and just making sure that you’re getting in the hot tub, cold tub. I swim a lot, just normally on a normal week, but also on a day like today. I just do the little things, making sure that I get my body treated. The most important thing is really the mental side of the game.

You have to really kind of visualize everything and why you’re doing it. For me, I draw things up a lot. I literally draw and just kind of visualize what it’s going to look like and what it could look like and just get prepared for what a Thursday night game may be.”

(On how long he swims)

“On a typical week, I usually swim Mondays and Tuesdays. I usually swim about 20 to 30 laps. For me, depending on how I’m feeling after the game, a day like yesterday I usually go about thirty (minutes) and just try to swim as much as I can without killing myself. I don’t swim a crazy ton, but I just try to make sure that my body is moving, get the lactic acid out of my body. Then, I make sure I get on the bike too. The bike is really helpful as well.”

(On why the Seahawks haven’t been able to win in close games)

“I think there is two things there. First of all, I think it goes back to finishing right. I think that if we can make one of two plays here and there across the board, whether if it’s offense, defense, special teams, whatever it may be, we can turn that around really easily – that’s the great thing. I think the second thing is, like you said, the great thing is we’re in every game and every game is really, really close and every game we were right there to win the game. I’m looking forward to that turning around, I’m looking forward to that. We have great confidence in that and what we are going to do.”


(On the level of urgency to make a run at the playoffs)

I think there’s a lot of urgency, I think there’s a great sense of urgency. I think there’s a calmness, I think there’s also great confidence. I think there’s laser-focus that we have. I know that this team is very, very capable of doing what we’re setting out to do. I think everybody should watch out (for) what we can do.”


(On if there was anything that he could’ve done differently on the Week 10 strip sack turnover)

“I was trying to throw the ball right at that moment. It’s just unfortunate, they made a good play.


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