Earl Thomas returns to open arms

Seatle Seahawks All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas ended his offseason holdout Wednesday afternoon and joined his teammates for the teams afternoon practice. Chapter One of the saga is over. The question is what will  Chapter  Two entail.

Thomas holdout was pretty clear and simple business decision that is becoming commonplace in the NFL.  Todays NFL players are aware of not only their shelf life but have also become savvy businessman. The players are quite aware of the  Billion Dollar industry that is professional  Football. The lucrative television contracts, stadium revenue for the owner and the endorsement contracts available to some players.

There is a definite brotherhood in locker rooms when it comes to players seeking their what they believe is equitable pay for their services. That is why Thomas was received with wide open arms football Wednesday afternoon.

Seahawks head coach Peter Carroll was pleased to have his All-Pro Safety back practicing with his team and believes the relationship with Thomas is far from broken.


The question now is how long will Thomas stay with the Seahawks. Thomas could very end his career as a Seahawk or could be traded in midseason. Either way the return of Thomas closes the book on Chapter one and now somewhere in between now and the end of the season Chapter Two will unfold and there will be an end to the  Thomas saga.

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