Five possible reasons why Seahawks fired OC Darrell Bevell and O-line coach Tom Cable

If change is the only constant it makes sense that the Seattle Seahawks namely head coach Pete Carroll decided he needed more of the former and had enough of the latter. A disappointing 9-7 that ended earlier than expected due to a failure to secure a playoff berth, was filled with inconsistency and downright lack of basic execution will lead any coach on a soul-searching mission.

Call it the seven-year itch,  a house cleaning followed by a garage sale,  or even a sacrificial firing if you want. The fact is the Seattle Seahawks fired Offensive Coordinator Darrell  Bevell and Offensive Line Coach Tom Cable  Wednesday afternoon after the two had run the Seattle offense for the last seven years.

Here a  five reason why the Carroll made the move

1, Maturity of Russell Wilson

The Seahawks quarterback was the team leading rusher and spent most of his time in the Seahawks backfield running for his life. While most fans were wooed and awed at Wilsons Houdini Act the fact was that the quarterback was one step after from a serious injury.  Give credit to Carrol for not willing to tempt fate for another season.

Part of the issue with Wilson was that he held on to the ball longer than he should have.Wison was looking for the next great play. It’s not a knock on Wilson, he knew he only had one or two chances to make things happen without a running game that more times than not produced negative yards. If Wilson can lead the league in TD passes ( 34) while running for his life how much many more TD passes can he throw if given time and more passing opportunities created by a decent running game.

 2, Offensive Control 

The next growth point for Wilson is to be given full control of the offense on the practice field, the huddle and at the line of scrimmage. This is not to say Wilson did not know the plays or called some audibles, one wonders how much input Wilson had in the design of the offense. Drew Breese, Aaron Rodgers are  current two examples of quarterback who have full control of their offenses they are offensive coaches on the field. Wilson looked to have taken a back step this season in this progression. He was given the keys to the car on certain days but not seven days a week.


3, Slow starts

The Seattle Seahawks never scored a touchdown on an opening drive this season.  The Seahawks scored their first offensive touchdown of 2017 in the second game of the season. The slow start trend continued in the week three 33 to 27 loss to the Tennesse Tittans. While Wilson and the offense scored 13 fourth-quarter points the Seahawks were never able to overcome the 16 points fourth quarter deficit.

Under Bevell, the Seahawks offensive philosophy like most teams was to go into the game with a number of scripted plays, run as many of the plays the game allowed then circle around and rerun the ones that worked. The question here would be how far down the list did the Seahawks get. Where their plays that would have worked and never called due to scripting.  The answer is now obvious given the coaching change.



4, Communication

The lack of communication between the offensive line and the running backs is another possible reason for the coaching change. This one falling into the hands of Tom Cable. While the line and the running back corps had injuries it seemed the two units were never quite in synch. When a back ran inside the tackles it looked like he should have bounced the play to the outside. When a back bounced the play to the outside it looked like he should have run the ball inside the tackles. The thought here is that Carroll decided enough was enough.


5. Accountability

This is probably one of the biggest reason for the change. Carroll’s philosophy of accountability from top to bottom is about performance.  Yes be positive and there are more important things in life than football but part of the overall collective is performing at a high level on a consistent level.  If coaches are not performing at a high level for what ever reason, how can they ask the players to do the same.

The reality of change hit home for the Seahawks. Afer seven successful season that included a Superbowl win and two Divisional Championships, it was time for a change.


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