Seahawks competitive backfield

Seahawks running backs
Seahawks running back corps warm up before practice.

In the survival of the fittest world of the NFL, competition is the bedrock that leads to championships, legacies, and dynasties.  Maybe a bit dramatic, but competition is what drives players around the league at the very minimal to make a team roster and possibility a starting position. To say the Seattle Seahawks have stiff competition at running back would be a huge understatement.

Six different players have carried the ball in the  Seattle Seahawks first three preseason games.  Alex Collins (16-67), Mike Davis( 14-70), Chris Carson(13-46), Eddie Lacey(10-30), Thomas Rawls( 2-5) and C. J. Prosise(1-3) have all had their turn to impress the head coach Peter Carroll and running backs coach Chad Morton.

The effort and execution have been there so have been the injuries.  Rawls and Prosise have seen minimal game action and their limited playing a time has opened the door for  Carson, Collins, and Davis. The trio has been good but not great.

So what Morton has is a group of good running backs with no one player really separating themselves from the rest.

The Friday night game against the Kansas City Chiefs should serve as a barometer to establish some type of pecking order with one remaining preseason game.


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