What we heard from Pete Carroll’s Monday press conference

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll held his weekly press conference with the media Monday afternoon with the slight alteration of it being via Zoom.  No doubt the Seahawks head man was  feeling optimistic after his team thrilling 37-31 overtime win over the Detroit Lions to even the team’s record to 1-1-

(On how Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan played)

“They did a really good job. They were really steady, they held up their own. (They) handled all of the variety of things that we did, the protection, they did a really good job of. (They) played a good football game for us.” 

(On the run game Sunday) “We were not consistent. I know why Ken (Walker III) thought that because he ran all over the place. He’s covering a lot of ground. We have to clear things up and get him downhill and make sure that we’re consistent. We just have to run the ball better and hit it more cleanly than we did.” 

(On Dre’Mont Jones’ performance)

“He’s playing really hard. He’s got some elusive style to him that we’re learning about. In the running game he’s been in the backfield making penetrations. He’s doing his job. Had a really nice win on his sack. We’re learning how to run our games to get more efficient in how we’re doing it. I think he’s playing hard.” 

(On if Devon Witherspoon had any nerves Sunday)

“I didn’t see him be nervous at all. I thought he was in it from the start, wasn’t too big for him. He might’ve been internally tight, but he didn’t show it. His attitude doesn’t go that way. He was having fun, got involved, and had a couple of big wins. I think it’s a terrific first game that we got through.” 

(On if there was a difference with Devon Witherspoon being out there)

 “The confidence that we’re growingly accustomed here as we learn him and get to play with him. He thinks he’s going to win his challenges; he’s going to come out on the good side of that. He’s got a really good attitude about that.” 

(On Devon Witherspoon’s pass interference penalty)

“The receiver ran right up into him, and he settled right at the depth where the receiver was going to make his break. That just can happen some. He did not torque the guy in any way, he really tried to get off of him once the guy settled into him. I don’t know how he could’ve avoided that other then throw his hands up.” 

(On Devon Witherspoon’s fourth down pass break-up)

 “That was a great play. That was a terrific play. So often in one-on-ones guys lose on the crossing routes, especially the shallow crosses. You have to get a good jump on it, and then you have to make the play on the ball, which he did that cleanly and in really good shape. The fourth down one where they tie up their feet, he couldn’t avoid that, he was right on the guy there too.” 

(On an update on Riq Woolen’s health)

“He’s still sore, he’s sore today. We’re just one day at a time. There’s nothing that we need to do other than treat him, and then we see if he can make it back. We’ll take it one day at a time.” 

(On an update on DK Metcalf’s health)

“He had a good day. Still sore, but he had a pretty good day. He was upbeat today. He needs tomorrow, he needs Wednesday, he’s going to need a couple of days to quiet this thing down.” 

(On the tight end usage in Week 2 compared to Week 1)

 “It had nothing to do with Week 1. They did really well. The group played great. Everybody contributed in their own ways. They were a big part of the gameplan yesterday.” 

(On if it was going to take a couple of weeks to figure out how to use Dre’Mont Jones)

“Particularly, the guys that didn’t play much in the preseason, it’s going to take some time. We’ll get better. We rushed yesterday better than we did the week before and so that’s a good improvement for us. We’d like to get more. We’d like to get a couple of more hits on the quarterback. They did a nice job. He (Jared Goff) is really quick with the football and it’s a challenge to get to him. He played like he’s been playing. He’s an efficient, sharp, quarterback. (He) played a lot like (Matthew) Stafford did. There’s a lot of similarities; very similar systems and the rhythms were very much the same. We rushed a little bit better yesterday. We’ll see how we do, keep improving.” 

(On how pivotal Uchenna Nwosu is to the pass rush)

“He’s a key factor. The great play that he makes to start the second half is one, but he was around the quarterback on a third-down win. He just pushes the pocket, he’s very aggressive. Uchenna (Nwosu) is a guy that we really count on and he’s really the leader of that group and we count on him to be that. He plays stronger than any of the other guys and just has a real feel for it.” 

(On if he got an explanation on the intentional grounding)

“What I heard was that they were wrong. They made an error. I haven’t heard that officially directly, but I do know that’s what has come back to me. It was obvious. It was clear.” 

(On Geno Smith’s performance)

“I thought Geno (Smith) played great. I thought Geno played exactly like he’s been playing, like we counted on him coming out of last season as he has been throughout camp. I don’t think he got off to a great start in the first game, but he was everything we wanted him to be. I thought he made really good decisions to dirt the ball. (I) wish he could’ve gotten rid of the one on the monumental scramble, and we get trapped down there inside the five. Other than that, I thought he played a great football game. He had a really good game going, and then we go into OT (overtime), and he takes us right down the field. It was a classic drive, beautiful execution, timing was great, total confidence, didn’t waver. We were talking about it going into OT, laughing about it (saying), ‘Here comes our chance’ on the sidelines. He was very much in the moment. I hope we just take the next step, come back next week, and get a good, solid game again, and start stacking them. He’s shown us that. It’s not a surprise, I’m just glad to see he was so comfortable in the moment as difficult as it could have been. He couldn’t hear a thing out there and he handled all of the checks, all of the changes, all of the various cadences that we had to use and did a great job.” 

(On how Shane Waldron and the offensive staff put the offense together)

“I was really fired up about that, they minimized their strengths. We thought that their rush might be a problem for our guys on the edge, the multiplicity, the small changes, the tactics of our protection was designed beautifully for this game. You saw us move the football all around with the quarterback and the actions and stuff. I just thought they took advantage of the stuff that made it a game that we could really be highly productive. Our guys were really confident throughout, they were confident that they were going to do it out on the field again and whatever they had to do, whatever was called on them. I think that’s the process of what comes through the week and the guys understand the gameplan of what’s asked of them. I think the communication showed really in our favor, Shane (Waldron) and the fellas did a really good job setting it up.”  

(On if Tyler Lockett is going to get called out for reaching the ball across the pylon in the game next meeting)

“Only when you win the game it’s ok, game-winners. He has enough presence to know when to do it and when not to do it, he’s been in this game as long as anybody. I mean what a great game he had, just does all the little things so well and he’s a master.”  

(On Jason Myers)

 “Yeah, he’s been hitting the ball well in practice and all of that, I just believe in him and trust him and figure he’s going to get on track. Unfortunately, the other day here it upset the rhythm of how we were making progress in the game. But like all of the rest of the issues that were presented to us we just kept going and we’ll do the same with him, he’s a terrific kicker and we’re counting on him, he’ll come through.” 

(On if Jamal Adams is ready to go)

“The plan is for him to have a full week of regular practice and take all the reps that we can get him. That means no restrictions, I don’t foresee any problems with that. He looked great last week and was up for everything that we put in front of him, and he should be able to do that. Whether or not he plays, that’s a different story and we’re not talking about that yet. We just want to get through a week of practice and see how he does. Really with all of the fellas as they’re coming back it’s always one day at a time. You take the day to see how he did, and you come the next day and see if you can keep making progress. We’re on alert for setbacks; for the guys to feel a little bit sore or a little encumbered from one day’s work and all that. Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see, I’m his best cheerleader. I can’t wait to see him get back out there and play so we’ll see what happens.”  

(On how anxious Jamal Adams is to get back)

“Well if you guys interviewed him over the years, he’s a real fireball man, he wants to be a part of everything and wants to be right in the middle of everything. He’s projecting that same attitude, he’s not holding anything back right now, but we’re trying to do things right and so we’re going to be patient. We’ve waited this long, we’re going to be patient until it’s the right time and we will consult with him a lot on that, it’s how he feels about it, how he conveys that. But I’m really pleased to see that he gets the chance to work full go and put a couple of weeks together, back-to-back and see where that leads us.”  

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