Seahawks John Schneider on 2023 Draft; ” There is a ton of variables and different ways we can go”

Holding three picks in the first 37 slots in the upcoming NFL  draft presents a ton of opportunities and brings with it a  lot of excitement for the Seahawks organization. The  Seahawks have the 5th, 20th, and 37th pick and according to GM John Schneider and head coach, Pete Carroll provides them a  tremendous amount of flexibility.

”Obviously everybody is focused on 5, and rightfully so, but 20th pick is extremely important, as is 37. You’re constantly trying to paint pictures and scenarios of what you think will happen and what other teams will do what.”

John Schneider on team having three eraly picks in draft


In their pre-draft meeting with the Seattle media Wednesday afternoon Schneider and Carroll pulled back the curtain on their draft process and also provided injury updates on Jamal Adams, Jordyn Brooks, and Will Dissly.

According to Carroll, the team will meet with Adams and Brooks to get injury updates within a week.  Both players are planning on participating in training camp.

“They’re doing well. The progress is being made. Their visits, I think it’s this week we’re getting with them again to make sure they’re making their progress. But everything is going fine so far. Very optimistic on their side. They really think they’re going to make it. We’ll hold a good thought.  They’re trying to make it for camp. That’s what they’re shooting for.”

Carroll injury update on Adams and Brooks

When it came to Dissly Carroll was more optimistic.

“Will is doing really well. Will is doing well at this time. There were some question marks in that process for him, whether they were going to have to do surgery after they gave him a chance to recover. He’s recovered, so there’s no surgery in the near future.”

Carroll updates Dissly injury


With the draft less than seven days away most of the player evaluations are complete. Up next for Carroll and Schneider is meeting with coaches and scouts to whittle down the potential player’s list.

“We’re getting together with the coaches on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is a really cool kind of gathering of all the information that you just heard and kind of a reset with the scouts and trying to figure out the input from the coaches and what that means to the front board. We’ll get with Jody on Tuesday night and show her what it looks like and tell her what we’re thinking and what our process has been and the way we think it’s going to go, all the different scenarios.

Sometimes when I tell her the different scenarios, I think she looks at me like I’m crazy, like okay, I don’t know, we have 12 different things that can happen. But we’ll do that with Jody. Then Pete and I will have a good day, afternoon just the two of us. Like I said, speaking to other teams, speaking to agents, getting as much information in the final prep as we possibly can and then closing the doors and just getting ready for Thursday night to let it rip.”

Schneider on what next seven days look like


One question that brought interesting insight was about teams moving up and down pre-draft.

“Yeah, you literally just go right down by division. I start with my guys that I’m closest with, but yeah, making the calls by division so that we have broad strokes of what parameters might be, because at the end of the day, on draft day, you can use all the charts you want and all that kind of stuff and there’s a million charts now that different teams use, but at the end of the day, it’s how bad do you want the player, how bad do you want to move in terms of moving up or going back. “

Schneider on the process of moving up and down the draft board

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