Geno Smith pens a love letter to the 12’s

He has always been a quiet but observant player who is grateful for his opportunities on and off the field.  Humility coupled with a burning desire to be the best. With that said it was no surprise when Geno Smith penned a love letter to the 12s.

Along with the random text Smith received from Pete Carroll stating, “We are going to need you big time this year”  the letter reveals the inner   Smith. A competitive and gracious individual who is out to surpass any challenge laid out in front of him. So what does the letter mean?


For Seahawks fans, the letter shows that Smith is nowhere close to being satisfied. This is from a player who had his best year as a pro last season and signed a team-friendly contract. The contract was team friendly with the potential of Smith making big money if he surpasses the incentives. Smith as he has done all his life is betting on himself and ensuring that those around him also prosper.

“And I wanted to write this letter to express my gratitude — and to tell you all those same four words I told my mom: It’s about to happen. I’m so appreciative of everything that’s taken place over this past season. But this contract for me is a happy moment, not a happy ending. For me it’s the start. That’s just who I am. That’s the drive I have. You tell me I’m the backup? I’m going to prepare like I’m the franchise guy. You tell me Russ got traded, and now it’s an open competition? I’m going to be like, “Not for long.” You tell me Denver has the best D in the league? I’m going to march it down the field, first drive of Week 1, and get six. You tell me it’s a rebuild? I’m going to start thinking playoffs. You tell me I made the Pro Bowl? I’m going to try to make 10 Pro Bowls. You tell me we had a “nice” season? I’m going to follow it up with a great season. That’s just always my mentality with things — I’m always trying to get better.”

And helping the Seahawks get better is where my head’s at right now.”

What the letter means is that Seahawks fans have a quarterback who not only appreciates them but finds it an honor to play the game of football.

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