Pete Carroll at the Combine, ” This is an exciting opportunity for us”

With pic no.5 and 25 in the upcoming draft, the Seahawk’s evaluation process has been ongoing but will intensify his week with the 2023  NFL Combine. Combine week begins with coaches’ and general managers’ press conferences on Tuesday and the player’s workouts Wed, Thursday, and Friday.On Tuesday Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll met with the media at the combine to discuss several topics

The most insightful question for Carroll was regarding the team’s opportunity this year.

“This is really an exciting opportunity for us. We have not been in this situation, we have not felt like this ever. So all of the build up to it has been exciting, and we’re hoping to obviously max out everything we can with it. It’s another competitive opp for us, and John (Schneider) and I have spent a ton of time already just kind of positioning and posturing where are heads are at and all that stuff. Even at such an early stage of gathering information, it’s still really exciting. We know that the opportunity is something special, so we’re looking forward to it and we’ll see how it goes.”

Half way through the press conference the obvious question about Russell Wilson wanting to get him and John Schneider fired.

“My response to that is a similar response that It’s always been with, with the guys that I’ve coached, that I’m always going to hang with them, I’m never going to leave ’em, and I’m going to be there at the end of all of the good stuff and all of the bad stuff, I’m going to still be there. And so we.  That’s it. You know, I’m hanging, and it doesn’t matter who the guy is — if you look at all of the guys that have come to our program, just not go back to the college days, but just is here in Seattle, regardless of what has happened, has taken place or the things that have been said at all. If you hang with them. It all comes back around, and I’d like to demonstrate that faith in the relationship and the depth of what we did together, and hang through whatever the growth challenges bring to
us along the way. “

The most pertinent question was regarding the Seahawk’s evaluation process.

“It’s one of the first things I’m interested in. I want to hear the guys’ I want to hear the guy’s story, where he came from through his sports experience. And I’m just always asking those questions and digging into that. I feel like I have — it gives me an insight to the makeup and the background and the expanse of his experience and kind of what that might bring to us. So it’s always been crucially important to me. I don’t find it important to a lot — I don’t hear other  guys asking all those questions as much as I know I do. Maybe guys get worn out by it, but I want to know what position he played in Little League, and what happened, you know, and bow’d that go what kind of a guard were you in when you’re playing hoops? Or were you a slasher or an assists guy.

I want to know all that stuff. Did you play center field or not? I want to know those things. because they give me insights to guys. It’s one of the reasons that I despise the fact that guys don’t play multiple sports in high school. You know, so many of our guys will say, “Hey, what’d you play? “I played basketball until ninth grade.” It kills me — they stopped playing and missed all of those competitive opportunities, and all of that. Those locker rooms and those meetings and those challenges, and those last minutes, and all of those things that make up the character, I think that of what a competitor is and so It’s, It’s vitally important to me. I don’t know about anyone else.”

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