Quotes and Notes From Mariners Highly Optimistic Annual Preseason Media Luncheon

The Seattle Mariners held their annual media luncheon last Wednesday.  With  Spring around the bend or down south if you will,  the luncheon is always about delivering a message of hope and optimism. The first part of the luncheon was dedicated to Community,  Public Relations, and Major League Baseball  All-Star Week celebrations.


President of Baseball Operations Jerry Dipoto took the mike 45 minutes into the session and went to business with an injury update of key players and his expectations for the 2023 season.

As for how well the Mariners will do in the 2023 season after breaking a 20-year playoff drought,winning a playoff series but finishing 16 games behind the  Houston Astros in regular season, and those same  dastardly Astros end the team’s magical playoff run, Dipoto was  confident about the team’s goal in the upcoming season

 “That’s the goal … and that will be goal every year, to win the division, get into the postseason and try to do some damage. We’ve never been more convinced of this team’s ability to do those things than we were at the end of last season. I think that goes for all the players in the clubhouse, it goes for us in the front office, our staff.

“We do feel like we got meaningfully better this offseason. We are a deeper, more complete team than we were at the end of last season. And the start of the season isn’t Game 162. That’s Game 1, and we’ll take it from there like we have in the last couple of years. Whether it be from within our own system or players that join us from elsewhere, we are invested in continuing to get better, whatever that means. So the goal is to win the division. We feel like that’s a realistic goal, and we’re going to do the best we can.”


Following Dipoto and  Justin Hollander, the team’s new Executive Vice President and  GM of Baseball Operations was  Manager Scott Servais. As expected Servais echoed Hollander and Dipoto’s expectation  of knocking the Astros off the top of the mountain

“Last time I checked, we played them three really good games and were probably one swing of the bat away from winning all three of those games,” Servais said. “They go on to win the World Series. They’re a really good team, and they’re not going anywhere. We’re a really good team, we’re not going anywhere.”


Part of the Mariner’s optimism is built around the acquisition of Teoscar Hernandez from the Toronto  Blue  Jays during the offseason. Another off-season trade addition was second baseman  Kolten Wong who is slated to share second base duties with  Dylan Moore.

With a solid outfield that has arguably of the best young players in Julio Rodriguez, a full season with Luis Castillo, and a healthy Cal Raleigh the sky is the limit. And who is to really blame the Mariners for their optimism on a cold and cloudy day on February 1st.


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