Run-game success is a must if Seahawks are to upset Niners

The Seahawk’s offense has found its run game to complement its passing game. Can the Seahawks continue their run success against the NFL’s top-ranked defense? If the Seahawks are to have any chance against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday they must win the line of scrimmage battle.

Seahawks offensive coordinator Shane Waldron spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon and he confirmed that if the Seahawks are to have any chance to win success in the run game is vital

(On why the run game hasn’t performed well against San Francisco)

“I think their front seven is as good as it gets starting with the front four and the way they aggressively attack the line of scrimmage. They do a great job disrupting the flow of the offensive line and when they are in their 4-3 personnel with the three linebackers playing great or in their nickel personnel when they have the DBs dropped down in there. They’ve seemed to always have that good sound defensive front where they’ve got all gaps accounted for, and they run and chase the football as good as anyone in the NFL.”

(On what Kenneth Walker III has shown in the past three weeks)

“He’s done a nice job of being durable, playing down in and down out through the course of these last few games here. I think like all of our guys have talked about, evolving as an offense and continuing to strive to get better throughout the course of the year. He’s still in that rookie season so to speak, but now we are 20-something games into it when you include the preseason. So, you just get to see his game continue to evolve each week, and we know he can make some spectacular plays like he has done throughout the course of the year and adlibbing on some runs. The consistency down in and down out continues to show up. Again, it’s not a surprise with the way he works at it, the way he studies the game, the questions he asks. It’s been beneficial to see it, and I’m excited for him as he has really reaped the rewards of all his hard work throughout the year.”

(On the keys to having more success against the 49ers defense)

“Yeah, you really nailed it with our goal of staying out of those third and longs. It really goes back to the negative plays with some of the movement they’ve had up front, some of the different playmakers they have on defense. It’s gotten us off schedule on those first and second downs, and we lived in a world of too many third & 10 pluses looking back at it. Even their 3rd & 7-10 defense is number one in the NFL, so we are really trying to stay out of those. It all goes back to the early down efficiency and eliminating the negative plays, eliminating any pre-snap penalties, knowing that we are going on the road in a noisy environment right there where the crowd will be ready to roll. So, handling all the pre-snap distractions that the crowd presents there and getting in and out of the huddle, all the little things that we work on day in and day out throughout the course of practice. It really needs to be at our best against this defense.”


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