Rewinding Seahawks Loss To The Chiefs

The Seahawk’s playoff chances took a significant blow with their 24-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last Saturday. The Seahawk’s defense played one of its better games containing Patrick Mahomes and the Chief’s No. 1 Rated offense.  Mahomes finished the day with three touchdowns two in the air and one on the ground.

The Seahawk’s offense struggled for the majority of the first and literally found its footing in the second half.  Rookie Ken Walker III went over the century mark with 107 yards on 26 carries. Geno Smith had an average day with one touchdown and an interception.  Smith completed 25 of 41 passes for 215 yards.

Head coach Pete Carroll was optimistic about how his team had played after watching the game film.

(On what he saw from the defense in Kansas City and if there were a lot of good things that he saw)

 “There was a lot of that, it was obvious. We held them down pretty well on 3rd downs, explosives, and total yards. It was a good all-around day for us on defense where we had a chance to be in this ball game. We needed to score some points to make it happen, but guys played well and did a good job of containing the top offense in the league.”

(On if there was anything in particular that led to success against the Chiefs’ offense)

“I think we matched up well and things fit well that guys carried over and executed well. We didn’t have a lot of busts. There were a couple of plays where our tackling wasn’t good, but overall, our tackling wasn’t bad in this game. That all helps.”

(On if it is a gut response by the offensive line to be more physical in order to improve the run game)

“I don’t know that they were any more physical, because I went back and looked at a couple other plays in the first half. In the second half there’s, I don’t know, a handful of plays, five or six plays, we make three yards or make two or three, four yards right in there that are really important, that you’re making positive yards. As one of you guys pointed out, we weren’t taking negatives. We weren’t taking losses, and that was all part of it. Again, of course the obvious is the challenge, the offensive line, you think that’s where it goes, but it went to the running backs and the tight ends as well and blocking down field. That took terrific work on the perimeter. Dareke Young in particular and a couple of fellas, DK (Metcalf), had a couple blocks, too, that really made a difference and made some extra yards for us.  It’s all connected. It’s not as easy as just, ‘Okay, yell at them, and then they’re going to do well.’ That’s not how it goes.”

(On if he has any evidence that the running game is sustainable)

“Absolutely, yeah, I’ve got the evidence. That’s what I showed them on film. I made sure that we all saw it, and it’s undeniable what we’re capable of being like.”

(On if the improvement in the run defense has been due to changes in the scheme or the players being more familiar with the defense)

“Yeah, I would like to talk to you about some of that off camera, but it’s a combination. It’s not as easy as like, ‘Okay, we went single high stuff and now all of a sudden, we stop them.’ It’s not like that. You still got to play the blocks, and you got to disengage, and you got to fit together, and you got to fall back like you need to, and all of the things that you have to do. Sometimes the connection just seems really clear and we can count on it, and that happened.”

(On Tariq Woolen’s pass break up on a deep post)

“That was a really good illustration of the distance that he makes up in the last 20 yards to make that play. He got his hand on the ball, too. It’s just another remarkable play. There’s quite a few of them during the course of the year. That’s why he’s been recognized as he has, as a Pro Bowl guy. He’s just made a ton of plays, and there’s so many more out there for him, too, which is just what’s so exciting about it. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next.”

(On how Abraham Lucas has been playing)

“He was doing all right. He was battling. Yeah, he’s playing a little bit banged up, and he’s trying to find out how to do that. He has never even wavered to take on the challenge, and I don’t know that that has anything to do with anything, but he’s doing fine. I would’ve liked to see him part of the second half, the rising that we saw in the second half, but it was great to see. Stone (Forsythe) did a great job, to come in off the bench and jump in there, make some key blocks to help us.”

(On what he said to Kenneth Walker III at halftime and if he tries to do too much at times)

 “He’s just growing, he’s growing. He’s an incredible player, and we have to allow him to be instinctive or you’re going to make him like everybody else. So, we have to find the fine line, and then we have to coach him, too. We have to help him. We felt like it was worth, let’s see if we can get a little bit more direct approach to hitting the line of scrimmage and see what happens.  We felt like that’s the change we needed, like he might be looking a bit, and he is that kind of player. He’s looking for a big play. Look at the toss that he takes off to the right, comes all the way back out the back door. That’s an extraordinary play, and vision and instinct and savvy and all that stuff comes into play on that. I don’t want to take that away from him. We felt like that it would be important for him to hit it, and let’s knock that line of scrimmage in another direction. Then, we’ll take what we get. It seemed a little bit like it had a little bit of a factor.”

The Seahawks now have two games left in the regular season.

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