Three Things To Watch In Seahawks vs Rams Game

The Seahawks game at SOFI Stadium looks to be the perfect get-right game for the Seahawks. As we all know looks can be deceiving. I truly believe this will be one of the hardest games for the Seahawks to win. Why? One is that one of the greatest Seahawks defenders of all time will be wearing an Rams jersey and looking to extend the Seahawk’s losing streak to three games. Here are some other reasons.


The Seahawks have beaten the Rams once in the last five games. The Seahawk’s last win over the Rams was in  November 15th.  That win snapped a two-game win streak and the Rams have won the previous two games.  Fair to say that Rams head coach  Sean McVay has head coach Pete Carroll’s number.  An injury-plagued Rams will give Carroll his best chance against McVay who is 8-2 against  Carroll.  If the Seahawks can overcome the following match-ups they stand a great chance of winning the game. Put another way if they don’t overcome these matchups  it is highly unlikely they will beat the Rams

The Rams will be without  Dt Aaron Donald  ( ankle),  qb Mathew  Stafford  We Lance McCutheon, and lb Travin Howard. Despite the injuries, Carroll  is expecting a well-coached  Rams defense

“They are because they are so well coached. Schematically, since Sean (McVay) went there, they have done so many good things. That’s what I am talking about to the team today and introducing the team to them, how well coached they are, how smart they are, and how they look the same as they always look. They have adjusted some things as everybody does, but they do it well. When they are in those uniforms coming out of the locker room, those guys play good football.”

Seahawks Pete Carroll on LA Rams


The Seahawks promising run game hit rock bottom in the last two games. In those last two games, the Seahawk’s run game is averaging 2.0 yards per. That is the direct cause of the Seahawk’s woeful third-down percentage

The Ram’s defense is holding opponents to just 3.9 yards per carry and has them tied for 2nd best in the league. Overall Ram’s defense is holding opponents to just 97.4 yards per game which gives a 4th best in the rush defense ranking.

“We struggled a little bit on some pickups and stuff that we haven’t been. They were able to get some penetration that we haven’t seen and they did a nice job with that. We couldn’t get Kenneth (Walker III) started as well as we had. Again, that was not the same case with what happened a week ago, but they are all things that we know how to do and have done well, so we have to get back at it.

Pete Carroll on the Seahawks run game struggles


One way the Seahawks could exploit Ram’s defense is through the Air. The much talked about Jalen Ramsey and DK Metcalf match-up will be the centerpiece of the battle between the two teams

The Ram’s defense is giving 226.1 yards per game which is 20th in the league. Ramsey’s pass-allowing rating is 125 which is 25th  in the league.  Geno Smith and the offense have to tread carefully against Ramsey. Despite what the numbers and percentages say he is one of the best cornerbacks in the game. In the loss to the Raiders Smith connected with Metcalf on 11 of 15 targets for 90 yards.

Tyler Lockett had three receptions on seven targets for 68 yards and one TD. A good strategy for the Hawks’ offensive to be effective against the Rams will be for Smith to give more targets to Lockett and the tight ends who have been non-existence in the last two games.


On defense, the Seahawks have struggled the last two games creating pressure and stopping the run. The secret is out. Run, run and run against the  Seahawks is the formula for beating them.  Last Week Raider running back Josh Jacobs ran for 229 yards against the hapless Seahawks defense. There was no pressure up front,  edge rushers were unable to shed their blocks and line-backers  Jordy Brooks and Cody Barton were chasing running backs up and down the field. Carroll was asked if fixing the Seahawk’s poor run defense was a quick fix:

(On what it looks like when the pass rush is successful) “It looks like we get a feel for the interior push whether we are stunting or not. We want to have a feel if the pocket is moving towards the quarterback, and then the guys off the edge are roaring. They work in conjunction. They’ll work their games, and we have two-man games, and three-man games that we work, but it all starts with the push in the middle, and the factor on the edge. They did a good job against us, and they were concerned about it. They paid respect to it, and made it a little harder on our guys, but that is what we are trying to get done.”

(On if shedding blocks is considered more technique or confidence) “I think it’s easy to say both. It is technique, certainly. It’s also more about instinct than confidence to me. They have to recognize the situation because they are so uniquely changed if the ball is here or if the ball is here. Actually, the blockers come high or low. All of those factors have to be taken into account. So, it’s the instincts and the technique that fits the situations that you are in whether you are going to shed and go by, or whether you are going to blast the guy, and fall back inside, whether you are going to try to put him in the hole on all aspects of our game. It can be the corners and safeties as well as the guys up front. They all have block protection style that they have to deal

with. The guys who have really good instincts are more confident. They choose the right tactic at the right time better more so.”  The Seahawks have practiced with a new wrinkle this which is it to bring the safeties closer to the line of scrimmage to help with the run. On Sunday we shall see how often the  Defensive Coordinator Clint Hurtt will employ the new scheme.


After missing Wednesday’s practice due to a shoulder/elbow injury Seahawks suffered in the Raiders games Safety Ryan Neal bounced back and practiced Thursday and Friday. His backup Josh Jones missed Thursday and Friday’s practices and is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game.  The Seahawks safety Jonathan Abram after claiming him off the waiver wire earlier in the week. Running Travis Homer will not play on Sunday and as a result, the Seahawks elevated receiver  Laquon Treadwell and linebacker Vi Jones from the practice squad.  Another player to watch will be cornerback Tre Brown. The former starter saw just three snaps against the Raiders expect that number to go up. Pete Carroll  has said that getting Brownback is like getting a returning starter at the left cornerback position that Michael Jackson currently occupies.

The bottom line is that the Seahawks need some playmakers on defense against Rams to get them out of this two-game tailspin.



Total Yard Gained3,8933,078
Total Offense ( NFL Rank)353.9 (12)279.8 (31)
Rush Offense118.9 (16)79.7 (31)
Pass offense235.0 (5)200.1 (24)
Points Per Game26.5(4016.2(29)
Total Yards Allowed4,2763,557
Total Defense388.7 (30)323.4 (10)
Rush Defense153.8 (29)97.3 (4)
Pass Defense 234.9 (230226.1(20)
Points Allowed/ Game25.5 (28)23.0 (18)
Possession  Avg.28:0030:03
Sacks Made /Yds Lost28/18122/161
Interceptions By96
Turnover Differential+4 (5)-7 ( T29)



RushingKenneth Walker III
613 (135-4.5-9)
Cam Akers 274 (84-3.3-1)
PassingGeno Smith 2,802 (353-257-19-5-107.9)Mathew Stafford 2,087 (303-206-10-8-87.4)
ReceptionsDK Metcalf 59(671-11.4-4)Tyler Higbee 48 (430-9.0-0)
 Scoring ( non kicker)Kenneth Walker IIIAllen Robinson
SacksUchenna Nwosu 7.0Donald Floyd 5.0
IntTariq Woolen 5Nick Scott 2
Punting Michael Dickson 49.3/45.2 net (15In20)Riley Dixon 49.1/41.3 net (11 in 20)
KickingJason Myers 93 (21/22 Fg, 30/31 PAT)Matt Gay 64 (15/16 FG,19/19 PAT)

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