Quinton Dunbar Season Is Over, While Greg Olsen, Tre Flowers Are Set To Return: Quotes From Pete Carroll Media Briefing

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll confirmed cornerback Quinton Dunbar’s season is over due to a recurring battle with a knee issue.

“Quinton is going to stay on IR. He’s going to get his knee fixed. He couldn’t make the turn. He tried really hard the last couple weeks, and he just couldn’t get over the hump on it. He’s going to get that taken care of eventually — soon, I think.  

Tre is coming back to practice today. He’ll be a little bit limited numbers-wise, but he’s coming back to play. Really excited he has a chance to return to us.  “

Since his arrival Dunbar has been battling the knee issue which saw him two of the Seahawks first eight games. Dunbar was placed on the injured reserve on November 19th with the team hoping he would return before the end of the season. The knee was slow to recover and the team thought it would be best to shut it down.


According to Carroll  DE Carlos Dunlap, t Brandon Shell and TE Greg Olsen are scheduled to return to practice this week.

“Both those guys are going to — Carlos is practicing. He starts the week in full mode. We’re going to monitor Brandon until later in the week with the hopes that he can get back out on the field by Friday and show us some stuff and see if he can compete to play.  We’re really pleased with what Cedric (Ogbuehi) did at right tackle, so we feel fortunate he had a nice game going into this one, but we’ll see what happens with Brandon.  “


 Greg is coming back. He’ll practice this afternoon. He had a really solid week last week, looked really good. It was really close enough that he had a chance to play last week. It was such a shock that he was so good so soon that we didn’t want to press our luck on it. He’s back in action this week, and we’re happy to get him out here. He has to make it through the week, as always, but he’s going full go today.  

Olsen injured his foot during the second half of the November 19th Arizona game and landed on the injured reserves list November 23rd.



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