SEAHAWKS PETE CARROLL, ” We Are Refreshed And Ready To Go”

Just when you thought  “ Positive Pete” could not be any more positive he was just that more positive and full of possibility for his  5-0  club. Seahawks head coach Pete was positive and respectful during the Wednesdays weekly Zoom briefing with local media. The positive we talked about, the respect was for the Arizona Cardinals who are also feeling positive after a dominant 38-10 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

PETE CARROLL: It’s great for us to get back in action. The week off was — it worked out terrific for us. We’re fresh and ready to go. This is as fresh as we’re going to get in the middle of the season. So we’re going to try to take advantage by putting together a really good day today and have a great day’s work and go to the next one and take them one day at a time, getting ready for a terrific matchup.

The Cardinals couldn’t have done more to catch your attention than what they did Monday night. They looked great. They’re red hot and explosive and fired up and all of that. We’d better get our game right to have a chance.

You can’t watch this team without watching Kyler Murray and seeing his effect on the game. He’s a game changer. Athleticism, poise, play making ability, and all of that. They’ve got guys around him. Kenyan Drake is an explosive football player, as we saw again on Monday night. Remember all the things he’s done in the past. Receivers are terrific. It’s a really good team to be dealing with. It happens to be division time for us.

We want to play it just like it’s a championship game like we do every week and go for it and do everything we can to get a great win. I don’t know about you. I’m all fired up about it and can’t wait to get to practice today.


PETE CARROLL : Mychal is a really good ballplayer. We thought he did great stuff for us in the past, had a huge injury. He’s done a marvelous job of returning. Right now this is the first day that he’s practiced since he got hurt, so we’re going to take it slow and see that Mike gets enough time to get going again, and we’ll see where it fits in. He’s versatile. He’s going to start at his best spot and get in and see what he does there, knowing that he can play the same spot.

We used him all over the place when he was here the last couple of years, so we’re really excited to get him back. We’re thrilled that Mike will take this time to get himself football shape. He’s a well conditioned kid, and he’s strong as hell. So it’s none of that stuff. He just needs to get football-wise ready, and I’m happy that he’s here. I really like Mike, and I’m glad that he’s with us.


PETE CARROLL: I think this is as tough as it gets. I don’t know that anybody’s got to play a row of teams like this. A month from now, we’ll have a pretty good feel for how everything’s fitting. It’s exciting to see the division come back around like this. We’ve seen it go kind of up and down over the years, and it always seems to keep coming back strong, and we’re strong again. Everybody can play football.

There’s injury factors have entered into some of the play of the teams, and everybody kind of finds their way and gets back to balance, it’s a really difficult schedule for us. So we’ll take them one week at a time, and we’re going to play every one like it’s the only game in the world and go for it. That’s what we’re doing this week.


PETE CARROLL: We have endeavored to be in on everything that’s going on, and John has done a marvelous job of always being tuned in to what’s happening, and this is no exception. We’ll see what happens as we go forward. But we’re tuned in to what’s happening there.


Q. Pete, what’s the plan for this week with Jamal Adams and Jordyn Brooks?

PETE CARROLL: They’re on their own plans. Jordyn is at practice, will be at practice today, and Jamal we’ll hold out. We’ll need more information there. Each one of these are just one day at a time, see what happens, and then see what happens the next day on how guys return. We won’t really know anything until later in the week.

Q. What more information are you seeking regarding Jamal’s injury?

PETE CARROLL: Whether he’s full speed or not.

Q. And Philip Dorsett, is he any closer to returning? What’s his situation?

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, I’m getting really good reports from Phil. He’s feeling good about his running. We’re just trying to make sure and guarantee that, once he’s back, he stays back. We don’t want to rush that at all. Yesterday they say that was the best day he’s had since he came to camp. He’s getting closer. We’re pretty excited about that.


Q Pete, have you or the club had any conversation with public health officials about admitting fans for the next home game?

PETE CARROLL: I don’t know specifically about that, but I do know that we’re listening and waiting for all of the information that comes in. We’re just going along with whatever guidance tells us. We want to do the right thing.

This is a very difficult time right now. It’s not like everything is getting great. It’s a very difficult time, and I can see, if we don’t make any move in that direction to change from where we are, I can totally see that and support that. They’re not asking me. I’m in the ball, so I’m not really included. But I do know that our guys are listening in part of the conversation they can be part of.




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