What The Seahawks Said After The Win In Miami

The Seattle Seahawks defense played it’s best game of the season and the offense continued to light up the scoreboard. Here is what the Seahawks said after thier 31-23 win over the Miami Dolphins


PETE CARROLL: Really pleased to come this way and get a win, finish off the first quarter of the season as we have. So that’s a good accomplishment for us. Really fired up about that. Probably most pleased after it’s all over everybody got out of there pretty fit and all that. We didn’t get anybody banged up today which is good and we get to move our way into the next game with everybody that was playing today. That’s a good thing. It was a game we played off each other really well. We got turnovers, we got turnovers, we scored touchdowns. The two-minute work by the offense was beautiful. And on-side catch by Jake. Great play to make. Looked like Willie Mays making that catch right there. Really good solid football game, and really pleased to get the win and get the heck out of here.

Q.  Coach, the way your defense kept more stuff in front of them this game, making the big plays, did you see some progress there?

PETE CARROLL: Yeah. We definitely did. Really, we kept them in front of us all day long and made them run their way down. I don’t think they had a touchdown today, must have been pretty good in the red zone, keeping them out of the end zone. Really played well, backed up and got the job done, other than the one time I guess we scrambled in. Yeah, that’s an improvement. Played some new guys that came through, did a nice job for us. Cody played today for the first time, got a full start for himself for the first time, and guys held up well.

Q.  Pete, what does it say about Chris Carson to come back from that grueling-looking knee injury last week and to also get knocked out of this game in the middle of a contract year and just keep coming back and fighting for this football team?

PETE CARROLL: Everything was great on that question until you get to the contract year. I’m sure that makes a difference for you. Chris is a stud football player, and the man never backed down from anything. He told us when we got back on Wednesday, he said, I think I’m okay. I’m going to make it. We took it easy on him the first couple days and got him through the week and he looked great. It really helped us because Carlos couldn’t go with a sore shoulder, and Chris ran really well today. It was 80 yards worth of good running. He’s such a tough football player and a great competitor that that’s not a surprise to us that he would bounce back and get back up. He took a hell of a shot and got back up and got right after it again. So he’s a terrific football player.

Q.  Pete, it looked like you guys scaled back the pressure a little bit this week with Jamal not being there. How did you see that play out with the way you wanted to work the back end as well and the way you guys kind of performed across the board with that?

PETE CARROLL: Yeah, this was just this game and this plan and what we needed to do to in keep front of us and all that, and it worked out fine. When you have Jamal on your team, he is such an extraordinary football player that you have to use his talents. And so just because (indiscernible) gets in that position doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. We just adjusted a little bit today. I thought we did a nice job. Cane did a really good job of putting it together so we could play a good winning football game.

Q.  Can you describe what happened to Carson when he got knocked down and went into the injury tent and came back out?

PETE CARROLL: He was kind of getting over a guy and a guy really him really flush, hit him right in the chest and it was just a hell of a hit. And they didn’t know whether he got his head hit or not, and so they went to check that out and that was all and it was a precautionary and he was okay. Both guys that went to the tent were released to come back to the game.

Q.  The two plays Shaquill Griffin given made in the fourth quarter, the one in the end zone breaking up the pass and then the interception, that’s the aggressiveness you’ve been looking for from the secondary, no?

PETE CARROLL: Yeah. He’s been playing like that all along. He had a couple of plays in the first four games that weren’t, but he’s been playing really hard and aggressive and making his plays and going for the football and all that. That was a gorgeous play down there behind the goal line, and he’s playing good ball now. He’s doing a really good job. Two picks back to back? Come on.

Q.  Pete, what did you see on that drive late in the first half when you guys kept the foot on the gas pedal and got that touchdown right before the half?

PETE CARROLL: That was a really good job by the offensive coaches wanting to go for it with 24 seconds left and 80 yards away or something like that. They were sold, that let’s go give our guys a shot. Had a couple timeouts there; and has to happen in that drive, you have to hit something, and Russ found David up the side. It was a great play. He almost scored on it. And I really loved the opportunity we had the second, right there at the end of the half to get the plays we needed to get a touchdown. Fantastic. We work on that stuff a lot, and it’s exactly the situations that we’d like to feel really comfortable in, and composed and rusted it beautifully and finished up with the ball to Homer. Also, I thought Russ played really good today. We dropped a couple of balls for whatever reason. I don’t know why the balls got away from us. D.K. got one blasted out, and I think Tyler might have had one that he should have caught. Seemed like there was a couple, I don’t know. But I thought Russ played great. And he handled the drive going down in there when the headset went out. He took the drive down and scored a touchdown, did a great job controlling the club there. He’s just playing great football.

Q.  What do you make of K.J.’s day? I know he’s probably going to be bummed with himself that he didn’t come away within interception, but he blew up a couple of screens, got his hands on a bunch of football, seemed like he was everywhere.

PETE CARROLL: Again, he had a really good game. He really had two picks in his hands, you know. And that’s what will kill him because he knew he had the ball a couple times. But he’s playing really good football. He shows you what instinct and savvy is all about. It’s just remarkable and obvious that he’s making plays on the other side of the field because he sees it happening, and he’s making plays way in the back field on the screens and things, and it’s really hard to get him on any of that stuff. That’s experience, and he’s just a great ball player.

David Moore

Q. What changed in the fourth quarter for you guys offensively. Seemed like a slog up until that point.

DAVID MOORE: Yeah. I would say we just kept going out there and trying to execute something, trying to get something started. And once it started, it’s hard to stop.

Q. David, just take us through the touchdown grab. That’s the second one this year for you. Looked like a pretty high degree of difficulty catch.

DAVID MOORE: One of the plays we’re supposed to try to get space to everybody. So I just had to lineup on the redline. They told me, 23, he likes to sit there and he’ll squat, so be powerful and run through his little hand, stay wide and be ready for the touchdown. And sure enough, Russ put it back in the back of the end zone, had to go make the catch.

Q. David, how nice is it to be 4 and 0? I know it wasn’t maybe perfect today, but never can take a road win for granted. And now you get to come back home through the first quarter of the season unbeaten.

DAVID MOORE: It’s lovely, for sure. Very lovely. I would say starting off 4 and 0 is something that I would think everybody wants to do. It’s hard to get a win in the league, so the fact that we got four of them, it’s a blessing, and it’s — it makes us happy, for sure, so the fact that we’re 4 and 0, we gotta just keep on, like we’re taking it one game at a time, like it’s the first game every game and go out there and execute and just play, have fun.

Q. What was it like to hear a Seahawks chant for the first time this year and hear it away from home at that?

DAVID MOORE: Hey, man, it was lovely. We always love to hear the 12s and the fact that they were in the stands today, it was just — it felt like it was normal a little bit, just not as loud, but a little bit normal. You heard “Sea” “Hawks!” It’s lovely to always hear that. That was good to hear.

Q. David, right there before the half when you guys were able to zip down there and get the touchdown, how big was that for you guys and then all of a sudden finding yourself uncovered 30 yards down the field on that play. Can you take us a little bit through that, too?

DAVID MOORE: We go over stuff like that every day in practice. We work the situations like that. So we called a play where we knew for a fact if stuff was going to be busted, it would be busted to the three-receiver side, and Greg ran a great route, and my corner, the corner that was on me bet off of that, thought the ball was going there and just busted his whole coverage. And I was just left on the sideline all alone. Russ scrambled a little bit and found me down the sideline, and Homer did the rest.

Q. On that touchdown drive there before the end of the half, did you guys have any doubt that they would let you guys actually try to drive the ball down the field there? And what does that mean that the coaching staff showed that faith in you not only on that drive but also on the 4 and 3 play earlier.

DAVID MOORE: We got faith in everybody that plays. We know everybody knows their job and know how to go out there, all they gotta do is just go out there and believe in it. And that’s one thing that Russ always said is “believe, believe.” And the fact that we work situations like that in practice and stuff, it’s like going out there, it’s like secondhand, second nature. So it’s like you’re really just doing it to have fun and — yes, sir! The fact that we do those situations, man, it makes you go out there and play in the game just makes it easy. It’s like there’s nothing to it. You just go out there and just keep believing.

DK Metcalf

Q. DK, the catch and run down the sideline where you made a couple of guys miss, that was part of the sequence where you guys looked like you really took control. How big were those moments, the touchdown, the turnover, getting back in the end zone again?

DK METCALF: I mean, after D. Mo’s touchdown, we knew we had control of the game. We had all the momentum, especially after Shaq caught the interception, we knew we had a chance to put the game away, and that’s what we did.

Q. DK, a week ago at this time it didn’t look like Chris Carson was going to be able to play at all, and then he gets knocked out of the game again, and he comes back and gets 80 yards. I just wondered what your take was on his contribution.

DK METCALF: Chris Carson is an animal, as you all have seen the past two weeks. You know, we got backs for days, in my opinion. I think D.J. Dallas really stepped in and showed up. Homer got his first touchdown of his career. So, man, I mean we’ve got a lot of great backs who can just roll in at any time and run the ball hard. So I mean, Chris Carson is leading the room. He’s got a lot of arsenal behind him. So I mean, he’s an animal and he’s teaching these young guys how to do just that.

Q. DK, I wanted to know about your start to the season here. I heard that you lived with Russ over the off season a little bit. Can you just talk about what’s the biggest thing you learned about that relationship is and why that’s paying off so quickly this season?

DK METCALF: Yeah. We got a lot of work in during the off season. I actually lived with him for like a month during the quarantine. So it was just a good experience just to be around a future Hall-of-Famer. Russ for MVP 2020, by the way. It’s just been a great experience just learning from him the game, about life, you know, and just everything else, just trying to soak up all the knowledge I can.

Q. DK, what was it like to have fans at a game this year, and did you have any family or anyone in the audience?

DK METCALF: I mean it was a little different to have fans just scattered around the stadium. But, you know, it really didn’t make a difference. No, I really didn’t even know they were going to have fans until yesterday. But, no, it really didn’t make a difference to us. We were still going to do our job and try to dominate every play.

Q. Could you guys hear them like shouting “Seahawks” after big plays and stuff?

DK METCALF: Yeah. I did hear them shouting “Seahawks.”

Q. DK, you just stated the case for Russell as MVP. For people who haven’t been paying close attention to the Seahawks, could you elaborate on the case he’s made so far?

DK METCALF: I mean, just look at his stats. He’s thrown for 300-plus yards, I think in every game. He has a boat load of touchdowns. Only threw two picks. I’m sorry for one of them that he threw today. I mean, but his stats speak for themselves. He’s a great leader, you know, a great role model. Any fourth quarter comeback and he’s our quarterback, you know there’s not a doubt that we’re going to win. I mean, just look at his track record. It’s going to speak for itself. So I’m putting out Russ for MVP this year.

Q. You said you were sorry for the interception. It looked like you fell down. What happened on that play?

DK METCALF: I didn’t fall down. I was trying to go low for the ball and forgot where the DB was.

Q. So you’re saying you lost track of the DB in that play?


Q. DK, you talked about you have running backs for days, but what can you say about the wide receivers? Tyler Lockett… what can he say about you guys?

DK METCALF: Tyler Lockett, all pro. D. Mo, he made some big plays today. Freddie Swain has been making plays every week. Penny is flashing at practice. I’m just waiting on him to get his opportunity in the game. They can’t just pick and choose who they’re going to guard. They gotta honor all of us, and when that happens, as you can see, D. Mo makes plays. Freddie is going to make a play. So we got playmakers all over the field.

Q. Thank you, DK DK METCALF: All right. Russ for MVP.

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