Seahawks Cancel Practice Pete Carroll Gives A Call To Action Speech

A scheduled press conference for 11:20 with several was delayed for more than 90 minutes, the delay had many in anticipation, once Pete Carroll stepped up to the podium his message rang loud and clear. “ It is time to take action and end racism and the pathway to that goal is for coaches and white people to listen to black players.


The 25-minute call to action speech by Carroll was not about finger-pointing but more of a rallying cry for humanity. It was obvious that Carroll had been listening to his players and that those words left a lasting impression.


The Seahawks under Carroll have been an organization for change for all humanity. Carroll has often taken critics for a perceived lack of discipline for his players. During multiple press conferences through the years, Carroll has cautioned outsiders making a judgment on what goes on inside the building.   The Seahawks head man prides himself on being a players coach. A person Carroll created back in college when he was the head coach at USC.  Close to freedom, self-expression is Carroll’s other value which is to protect the team. Speak, act any way you want as long as those actions do not hurt the team.


Saturday’s practice was canceled after a player’s meeting. The move created an opportunity for players and coaches to take action in their call for  Race and Social Justice action. One action hat the players agreed on was to be a registered voter by the end of the day.  No doubt other commitments were made but we will not know what they are for the time being. The Seahawks third and final Mock game is scheduled for Sunday afternoon players will be available then.

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