Quick takes from Pete Carroll Monday Morning Press Conference

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was candid, introspective, and optimistic during  Monday’s press conference with local media members. Carroll spoke on a wide range of subjects. The first question surrounded DE Brandon Jackson who was knocked unconscious during Saturday’s mock game. The game was canceled due to a long delay because of Jackson’s injury. Carroll said that Jackson should fully recover but the team wanted to take all precautions.

“There’s some concerns that they’re going to check out and make sure that we’re really clear on,” Carroll said during the call with reporters. “So it’s gonna take us a little bit of time to be very deliberate about. … Make sure we take all of the time that it takes.”


Carroll acknowledged that during the mock game the team had some substitution problems on defense. Something that surprised him and intends to fix right away.

Despite the mistakes, Carroll said the team did accomplish the logistical tasks of playing getting into a routine.


The release of former  Pro Bowl Safety  Earl Thomas by the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday prompted some questions from the media. Thomas signed with the Ravens in March 2019 after playing nine seasons with the Seahawks.  While some people were trying to bait  Carroll and asked him about the middle finder incident the oldest coach in the NFL took the high road and spoke glowingly of his former player.

When asked about the situation as a whole Carroll was empathetic towards his former player.

I’ts been a tough time for Earl, said Carrol, “ That’s a hard situation. I feel bad for him.  I wish he could have avoided that from happening whatever that was.”

 As he often likes to do Carroll told a story about former player who made a bad similar bad decision after a game.


No preseason games this year many NFL coaches are reevaluating their training camp routines. Carroll believes he has somewhat of an upper having coached at USC where you are competing for National Championship with no preseason games.

With training camp after halfway through competition for roster and starting positions is heating up. One of the players Carroll has been impressed with is Rookie Linebacker, Jordyn Brooks.

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