” It was like Christmas,” Seahawks Will Dissly on putting on pads after a long rehab

There is no  doubt that Will Dissly  has been on the road less traveled. Wether he has read the book by Scott Peak is unknow. The third year TE from the University  of Washington gave an honesty and humanistic  interview to local media via Zoom Tuesday morning.


Dissly saw a second consecutive   promising season cut short because of injury. A torn patella tendon ended Dissly’s  rookie season after just four games in 2018. Last year a torn Achilles tendon saw Dissly suffer a second consecutive  season ending injury

After the deep contemplation Dissly was able to refocus on what was important to him.  Support from fans teammates, family and a positive attitude helped Dissly over  another devastating injury.

“That was the beauty of it, I was able to talk about it,” he said. “If you’re in a bad place, you should be able to talk about with your friends and family and lean on those to kind of bring you up. You’re isolated a lot when you get hurt. You’re removed from your team and environment that you’re so used to, you’re not allowed to exercise to kind of stress relief, and it’s hard emotionally. But you know that’s one thing, if you’re able to talk about and work through those things with those close around you, it helps a ton.”

So after a long nine months of being focused, determined and unwavering commitment Dissly  felt like a kid when he donned the pads on Monday  for the first time since his injury.

“It was like Christmas morning,” Dissly said. “I had a ton of confidence from rehab and so there was never this fear of I don’t know if I’m ready to put pads on. So it was more of just the excitement. I’m putting pads on again. I’m playing the sport. I worked my tail off. There was a bit of celebration in my mind that, you know, when you go through rehab, you have to celebrate the little moments and that was definitely one of them. But there wasn’t this anxiety or fear that I had to get over it was exciting to get back to doing the thing that I love.”

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