Seahawks DK Metcalf looking to continue improving in 2020

After posting impressive numbers in his rookie season Seahawks Wide Receiver DK Metcalf is looking  to continue ascending the  NFL’s best wide receiver chart. The  6’2 229 wide out caught 58 passes for 900 yards and seven touchdowns. The impressive rookie performance landed Metcalf no. 81 of the NFL 2020 100 players list.


During his Thursday zoom call with local media  Metcalf   reiterated his commitment to being one of the league’s best wide receiver. Metcalf has been working out this offseason with quarterback Russell Wilson. Just like he did his rookie year.

“We know how one another is going to react to certain things,” Metcalf said on a video press conference. “It’s just a bond that goes further than football. Football is only a short period of my life. Just building relationships while I’m here that are going last a lifetime. So any bond that you have, besides just the common ‘Hey, go run that go run that route and be done,’ is going to be great.”


One specific goal Metcalf has for the 2020 season is less  dropped passess.

“I know I had a few drops last year that I’ve got to clean up and just expanding my role in the offense,” he said of his goals for 2020. “I know I was just getting my feet wet with everything and the offense and being in the league. (Now) it’s just taking the next step.”

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