Seattle Kraken: NHL franchise releases nickname, logo and colors

The Seattle Kraken were formally introduced on Thursday, with the history of the Pacific Northwest playing a significant part in the new team name and logo.

All the waiting and speculation finally ended on Thursday, as the Seattle Kraken were officially unveiled as the NHL’s 32nd franchise. The event took place at Climate Pledge Arena, which was previously the home of the Seattle Supersonics.

As well as the name, the team also revealed their new logo and colors. While the fans were acknowledged as a key component, it was clear the history of the Pacific Northwest also had a significant influence.

As hockey fans are well aware, the Seattle Metropolitans were the first team from the United States to ever win the Stanley Cup, when they defeated the Montreal Canadiens in 1917. The “S” logo is similar to the one the Metropolitans used to have, albeit with a red eye and tentacle.

As for the Kraken, even though it is a mythical creature, it links in with Seattle’s deep maritime history. As reported by Nicholas J. Cotsonika of, General manager Ron Francis said:

“I think this name embodies a connection with the sea and a curiosity of what lies beneath it. It’s a natural tie to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

“In theory, it reflects the power and aggression in the game of hockey. We’re hoping that’s the kind of tenacity our players show every time they take the ice, so I’m excited by it.”

It has been 18 months since Seattle was approved as the NHL’s 32nd franchise. Since then they have undertaken a detailed and exhaustive process to decide on the team name, considering more than 1,200 suggestions along the way.

Regardless, the choice of Kraken has already proven to be a polarizing one. Opinion has ranged from being the most exciting team name in years, to being extremely foolish.

From our perspective, we applaud the franchise for taking a daring and original approach. In addition, whatever criticisms have been made about the choice of nickname have not extended to the logo and team colors, which have received universal praise.

Other names which received serious consideration, including the Sockeyes, Totems and even a return to being called the Metropolitans. In the end however, the Kraken emerged as the ultimate winner.

With the official release of the team name, the Seattle franchise is now another step closer to hitting the ice for the beginning of the 2021-22 NHL season. Of course there is still a lot that needs to take place between now and then, including the Expansion Draft in June next year.

Just as important, Climate Pledge Arena is still undergoing redevelopment. Despite the issues caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic however, the arena is expected to be completed by next Summer.

What is your opinion of the new name for Seattle’s NHL team? Do you like or dislike the Seattle Kraken, and why? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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