” Time for change ” Seahawks Russell Wilson

Seahawks offensive  captain Russell Wilson was crystal clear when it came to  the racial tensions that are engulfing the  nation. Wilson like defensive captain Bobby Wagner two days ago spoke to the Seattle media on a video conference call. The systemic Institutionalized racism that resulted in the murder of George Floyd at the hands of four Minnesota Police Officers did not happen overnight.


This is a special a super emotional time I think for a lot of people I know for me and C . My heart as I said in the letter to you guys. My heart hearts. It’s pretty heavy to see someone get murdered and on the streets like that. It brings a lot of pain. There is a lot of history and pain in America. There is a lot of division and pain. I pray that we can be better people. I pray that decisions are made to justify this action. Some of the Police brutality is staggering and something I don’t understand.


What was clear during the call was that Wilson is aware of the obstacles facing black Americans.

” I don’t have all the answers. The answer I do have is that me being black in America is a real thing. The history and pain even in my own family my great, great parents were slaves and everything else. What I am praying for is that we learn how to communicate, and we overcome. For us, as a team, we have been having conversations. How do we make things better? How do we communicate and respect each other?  How do we make this pace a better place? Black Lives Matter.Me as a black person people are getting murdered on the street. It’s not like that for every community. I have a heavy heart.”


 In order for police brutality and institutionalized racism to be dismantled a change must take pace. In a sign of true  leadership Wilson stepped and took the challenge of being part of the solution.


One avenue for the change to take place according to Wilson is by faith and finding Jesus.


The message by Wilson was powerful in that he owned his blackness and became present to the fact all the money and prestige in the world means nothing if you are black. For Wilson to then step up and challenge himself and others to be the change showed his the depth of his faith and character.

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