” He’s a unique talent” Seahawks Pete Carroll on Josh Gordon signing and upcoming game with Buccaneers

The Seattle Seahawks claimed Josh Gordon off the waiver wire one day after he was released by the New England Patriots. The Seahawks released veteran linebacker Dekoda Watson to make room for Gordon. During Fridays press conference head coach Pete Carroll took a very cautionary stance when speaking about Gordon’s future role with the Seahawks.

“He’s a unique talent. Next week, we’ll take a look and see what he looks like. He’s done a lot of good stuff and made a lot of good plays. We’ll find out more next week. Won’t have anything to do with this game.”

(On if claiming Gordon was more because of his talent than the need at that position) 

“Yeah. He’s just a unique player. I’ve said it a million times to you guys that we’re always looking for guys that have something special about them. We need to find out. We’ll take a look next week and see what that means.”

(On why they are waiting until next week to evaluate him) 

“We’re not playing him in this game. That’s what I’m telling you. Practice is over today, and we’ve got a walk-through tomorrow.”

(On what he’s liked about Gordon’s game from afar) 

“He’s a big play guy. He’s been able to really stretch the field. Those that I know have worked with him and coached him, they rave about his talent and his play making ability.”

(On what he knows about Josh’s health)

  “I don’t know, physically, how he is doing right now other than that he’s okay is what we’ve heard.”

Gordon played for the England Patriots in 207 and 2018 participated in 17 games catching 60 passes for 1,007 yards, four touchdowns and earned a Super Bowl ring as a member of the Patriots Super Bowl LIII Championship squad in 2018 .

In 2012 Gordon was drafted in the 2nd round of the Supplementary draft by the Cleveland Browns and was highly productive in his first two years before sitting out part of the 2014 season and all of 2015 and 2016 seasons for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Gordon returned to the Browns midway of the 2017 season and started five games before he was subsequently dealt to the Patriots in 2018


After the Gordon questions from the media Carroll reiterated how important it is going to be for the Seahawks to be effective on the ground against the NFL’s number one ranked rushing defense.

“Tampa Bay is coming in. This is a big opportunity for us to come home again. We’ve got to get our game right here. I’m really excited about playing good football, connecting with the fans, feeding off the 12s, us feeding them and making sure this is a really good start to the second half.

It’s hugely important to us if we’re going to make a run at this thing. We need to do our part. We’re counting on them. We’re going to get them all riled up and really make ourselves a tough opponent here at home. There isn’t anything more important for the stretch of the second half than getting right here at home. Looking forward to it.”



(On how Ed Dickson made it through the week) 

“He did fine. He did make it through the week. Gives us a chance that we could activate him. We’re going to take it all the way up to game time here, or to our last opportunity tomorrow. We’ll let you know what we’re doing there.”

(On if he can confirm what the corresponding roster move is)

  “No. Let’s wait until it all happens if you don’t mind.”

(On Quandre Diggs) 

“He’s still rehabbing. He’s not ready this week unless something crazy happens. We’ll hold out hope and he’ll be doubtful going in. If something happens where we need him in an emergency situation, God-willing and the creek don’t rise kind of thing. We’ll see.”

(On what he has learned about Diggs’ hamstring status) 

“We do know a lot. We have really good pictures on it. We know what he needed to do. He had some blood drained from his hammy to give him more relief which was a really good deal. He should be able to bounce back.”

(On what he’s seen from Joey Hunt this week)

 “He just fit right in. Just took over. Showed his confidence and I know that that gives other guys confidence, too. Like we always say, he’s such a great communicator. He helps guys around him. That’s what looked like the guys felt. We had a really solid week all the way through. We had no issues at all. We’re ready to go.”

(On Dekoda Watson) 

“He didn’t get a lot of work because we weren’t in pads this week to show us stuff. We got good information on him.”

(On Lano Hill’s status) 

“He’s running. He’s running. He’s up to full speed running and all that kind of stuff. The elbow is not bothering him in that regard. He was able to put in a really hard work week which is really good for him. I don’t know because it’s a bone issue. They’ve got to see if it’s healed enough. He’s feeling really good. He’d like to play, wants to go and all that. The doctors are holding him back a little bit. Next week, by Wednesday/Thursday, we should have a good feel for what’s going on.”

(On if Diggs’ hamstring was worse than they originally thought when he traded for him) 

“Yes, it was because he played in the game that week. You could tell, knowing how he plays, you could tell that he was taking care of himself a little bit. We just figured let’s get him back and not just kind of limp his way through the first couple weeks with us. Once he’s back, he’s back. We can really let him show where he fits in.”



2018 Regular Season SEAHAWKS Bucs
Record 6-2 2-5
Total Yards Gained 3,063 2,595
Total Offense ( NFL Ranks) 382.9(9) 370.7 (15)
Rush Offense 130.0(9) 99.3(19)
Pass Offense 252.9(13) 271.4(9)
Points Per Game 26.0(11) 28.0(5)
Total  Yards Allowed 3,011 2,481
Total  Defense 376.4(23) 354.4(18)
Rush Defense 103.1(16) 68.6(1)
Pass Defense 273.3(27) 285.9(31)
PointsAllowed/Game 24.5(20) 30.3(30)
Possession Avg 31:39 30:56
Sacked /Yds. Lost 19/104 28/172
Sacks Made/Yds.Lost 13/84 16/116
Interceptions By 7 5
Penalties/ Yds 58/545 58/469
Punts/Avg 35/46.2 29/43.6
Turnover Differential +7(T3) -5(26)

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