Quandre Diggs on the trade to Seattle

After a blindside trade former Detroit Lions Safety Quandre Diggs says he is ready to move forward in his pro football career with the Seattle Seahawks. The newly acquired safety spoke with the media Wednesday afternoon.


Diggs was a defensive co-captain for the Lions and was traded to the Seahawks along with a 2021 seventh-round pick while the Lions acquired a 2020 fifth rounder.

One Seahawks who was especially excited about Diggs joining the Seahawks was Tyler Lockett.

(On if he thinks his versatility will help him pick up new defensive concepts faster) 

“I think it will. But it’s going to be a process. I don’t have the OTA days; I don’t have the phase one/phase two days that these guys have in the locker room. I’m jumping in when these guys are trying to game plan for big time opponents like we have this weekend. So, it’s going to be on the run and it’s my job to put in the work and put in the effort to get better and also learn this system.”

(On what he needs to accomplish to feel comfortable on Sunday) 

“I don’t know man, that’s a good question. I just want to fit in with the guys first of all, I want to earn the respect of my teammates, that always the most important thing to me. Let these guys know what type of player I am, what kind of person I am first of all. Like I said, let the chips fall where they may.”

(On how he would compare his productivity this year, to last year’s)  “It’s tough because we played six games there, I missed basically two games. So, it’s tough to compare my productivity. You don’t start off the year every year with a pix-six. That’s not what you do, that’s not the reality of football. That’s once in a million that you’re going to do something like that. I wouldn’t even try to compare my productivity. I made a lot of big time tackles this past year, I saved a couple touchdowns, things like that. But those things don’t show up in the stats sheet. If that’s how it is, they’ll spin it how they want it to be spun, and I’ll take the high road and be the best person I can be.”

(On how he changed when he goes about business) 

“I just became a better version of myself. I just tried to be the best example I could be around that team. My first four years in the league I had a guy that I called my ‘OG,’ Glover Quin. That was his room, he ran the room, and I just filed in line, that’s what it was. This year I had to take a step to be the leader in that room; me and [Darius] Slay. That’s a step that I’m comfortable taking, but when you step into that role it’s different. So, you’ve got to better yourself for that, and you’ve got to be that guy for those younger guys because we were a young secondary; especially the safety room. We were very young. That’s what I meant by bettering myself. We see how thing worked out so obviously it’s not enough.”

(On how to measure the balance of being yourself and waiting for the right time to show who you are on the field) 

“For me, I’m just coming in to fit in with the guys. I think my personality will rub off well with a lot of guys. I’m not a serious guy. I’m always joking around, just having fun. So, I think that will be fine. When it’s my time to play and my time to go in and make those plays, I just want to go out there, play 100 miles per hour, and be the best player I can be.”

(On how old his daughter is)  “Three months.”

(On his daughter’s name)  “Ariya Marie Diggs.”

(On how his daughter has changed him) 

“It’s made me a better person, a better everything. She means everything to me. It was tough leaving her yesterday. I think that probably was the hardest part of my day. Leaving her and my girlfriend, knowing that they were supposed to be up there for another week and I was going to spend those days with them but, when work calls you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and they understand.”

(On if his family will be out here)  “Yeah, they’ll be out here. You’ll see them at the games, so it’ll be cool.”

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