” It was a really great night”, Seahawks Pete Carroll on Thursday night win over Rams

A jovial and down right buoyant Pete Carroll met with the local media Friday afternoon to discuss the Seahawks dramatic 30-29 win over NFC Divisional Rivals Los Angeles Rams.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson continued his MVP play finishing the night 17 of 23 for 268 yards and four touchdowns. In addition to the spectacular passing numbers Wilson finished the game with 32 rushing yards on eight carries.


Russell Wilson now leads the NFL in passer rating with a 126.3. He posted a 151.8 passer rating vs. the Rams, tied for the second best rating of his career.

Wilson now has 1,409 passing yards, 12 TDs, and 0 INTs on the season. He is the first QB in the Super Bowl era with 1,400+ yards, 12+ TDs, and no INTs through his team’s first 5 games. (per @NFLReasearch)

Wilson competed 73.9% (17-23) of his attempts vs. the Rams and continues to lead the NFL with a 73.1 season completion percentage.

Wilson completed his 29th fourth quarter or OT comeback after tossing a 5-yd TD to Chris Carson with 2:28 remaining to secure a 30-29 victory.

(On his overall evaluation of the defense) 

A little frustrated that it didn’t work out as clean as we had hoped we worked on this for some time. The running game really came together great. A couple plays early we had to adjust. We made the adjustments. It worked. Put the play that was hurting us to rest. They had the run reverse play. Other than that, we played great on the running game. That was really an intent. We didn’t want them to have a balanced attack against us. It forced them to throw the football a lot and they did it really well. They’re really good and we needed to do better.

It was frustrating that it didn’t quite work out exactly the way we wanted to, but they had something to say about that. They changed some things and we had to fix them. I think the two-minute drives, both the two-minute drives really bothered me that we weren’t able to get out of it. We had one good two-minute drive and we had two of them that were not good enough. Those are things that we can fix though. I think we learned some of that.”

(On Jamar Taylor’s performance)  “He did a good job. Don’t know how many plays he played, but because we had three two-minute drives, that’s why he got a lot of plays. We probably would’ve been more based than that. He did fine. He had a couple nice plays. Really good third down play right off the bat. He was really close to having a great game.

He had that one play that Cooper Kupp gets over on the sidelines. He leaped up to get it and didn’t quite get that. That would’ve been a phenomenal play for him to make. That would’ve really closed out a great night. He’s doing good.”

(On how the Rams using two tight ends changed things for them) 

“That was something we anticipated, but I didn’t know that they would stay as committed to it as they did because it took them out of their regular stuff. They’re working at it. They’re transitioning too. They have to. You have to adapt and adjust, and things don’t stay the same.

They’re finding their way. They’re really good. They’re a really talented team with a great system and all that. The quarterback play was great with those receivers. They’re all capable. The tight ends really jumped out last night. It’ll be interesting to see where they are next time that we play them.”

(On Will Dissly) 

“Will is doing really well. He’s doing just fine. He’s been physical. He’s so much better this year than last year, being confident in what he’s doing and assignment wise. It was really just a matter of time because he really works at it. This is a really solid football player for us and he’s doing a great job.”

(On what he thought about the pass rush against the Rams) 

“Clowney was so close to having a huge night, he was all over. Arms up, just missed probably four different times to knock balls down to be a factor on the plays. He was wild with his rushes, I thought he did a great job, it just didn’t show up numbers wise. But he had an effect. Q [Jefferson] had some solid rushes. We played the run look a lot. We didn’t put these guys in pass rush modes a lot, and just trying to eliminate one aspect of the game. We’ll be able to help those guys more.

I think this was the game I now can see some things that we can do better, and we can utilize our guys a little uniquely for their strengths. They’re playing really hard, with really good consistent effort. Ziggy [Ansah] is one of those guys who just plays so hard, stuff is going to happen for him too. I think the pass rush is going to come alive here in the next few weeks, I’m really excited about that. It’s the first time I really could see enough and feel like we’ve seen these guys out there enough to make some evaluations to make the kind of tweaks and stuff so we can help them out. “

(On Tedric Thompson making a play late in the game despite being criticized for his play early on in the season) 

“He had a bad play a couple weeks ago. Anyway, I think he’s doing fine. It’s good for him. Remember that coming out of college he was like the most productive playmaker on the passing game in the country. He’s a guy that’s got a history of making plays, making things happen.

He’s always shown us that he’s got that knack. It hasn’t always shown up as much in the games, last year I didn’t think it did as much as I thought it would. I just think it’s a matter of time. He’s a very cerebral player. I think he’s going to feel more comfortable, it always helps confidence when you make a big play like that. I think he’ll continue to show us why he’s a good player.”


Chris Carson rushed for his second-straight 100-yard game and eighth of his career. He rushed 27 times (tied for second most in career) for 118 yards (third most in his career). Carson also hauled in his third-career touchdown pass.

Since 2010, the Seahawks are now 27-5-1 (.833) in prime time games and lead the NFL, including a 9-1 (.900) mark in Thursday night games. Additionally, the Seahawks are now 4-0 Action Green uniforms.

With his TD reception, Tyler Lockett now has 22 career TD catches moving into 7th place ahead of Sam McCullum on the Seahawks all-time list.

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