Sights, sounds and quotes from Seahawks 33-27 loss to Saints

The 24 hour rule is in full effect for the Seahawks players and coaches , that is the  self imposed deadline the organization gives its self to reflect on each gave. Since we are not  officially associated with the Seahawks organization here is one last look at Sundays disappointing loss to the Saints


On how frustrating the game was for him:

“Obviously, this is an unfortunate game. Coming home and excited to play at home, and obviously, we didn’t play our best football. We gave them a touchdown with the punt return, and they had a fumble recovery for a touchdown.
We had some other miscues too. We’ve just got to play smarter. We just have to play sharper. We’ve got to be cleaner. We’re a little young, so we’ve got to make sure that what it takes to win in this league is detail, detail. Little things. All those little things matter. We have a great football team and we can be great. To play a championship caliber team, the Saints, even if they didn’t have Drew [Brees], they had all the other players. They got [Alvin] Kamara. You saw, he’s a playmaker. Michael Thomas, playmaker. Teddy [Bridgewater] played great today. Their defense did some good stuff too. I think about, when you’re going into a game like that, you’ve got to play clean football. That’s the good thing. The good thing is we can do that. We have done that before. We’re usually pretty known for that in terms of being on our stuff and trying to be great in situations and stuff like that. We’ve just got to be a little tighter. “
On what he said to Chris Carson:
“I just told him I still believe in him. He’s one of the best running backs in the league. Plays happen. There’s never been a player who’s never fumbled. That’s just reality. I think more than anything else, we just got to continue to believe in him. He’s got to continue to believe in himself, which he will. We’re all in this together. I was telling the guys in the locker room, the reality of this game, which is the game we all love, is that you win together, and you lose together. We can go as far as we want together as well. That’s our focus moving forward. Sometimes, there hasn’t been too many teams that go undefeated who win the whole thing. We’ve just got to focus on winning the next game. Going on the road, I think we go to Arizona, right? We’re going on the road to Arizona and that’s going to be a tough environment as always. Division game. That always seems to come down to the wire it feels like. We’ve got to get prepared. In those coming down to the wire type games, that’s where we got to play really sharp, really clean, and really focused.”
On if he thought about calling a time out at the end of the first half on the play to Will Dissly:

“Yeah, I think that we could’ve done that. We tried to make another play real quick and then use him. We’ve got to review that stuff. I’ve got to check it out before I see it all. “
On what he saw from the fourth down play with Malik Turner:
“Yeah, we tried to make the play. They had everybody up. We’ve done that a lot in the past. We’re usually pretty good at that. We didn’t hit it, unfortunately. There were some other plays in there that we could’ve made. I think the reality is that we still played good football I think in the sense of offensively and trying to do some things. We scored some points. We made some plays. They’re a great defense. They’ve been able to do a lot of things throughout the years and stuff like that. For us today, there was probably six, seven, eight plays in there that we wish we could’ve done better.


On what makes Alvin Kamara so slippery:
“He just got great, great balance. You talk about it a lot, but we finally got to see it in person. You definitely have got to run your feet on him. He does a great job of keeping his balance, keeping his feet going. They did a great job.”
On how the short passing game put strain on the defense:
We just had to rely on tackling, try to keep everything in front of us. We knew they were going to go deep, so we tried to keep everything in front. We’ve just got to do a better job of tackling. We just had critical penalties and critical mistakes in certain moments that cost us whether it was a penalty, missed tackle, flag. It was always something at a critical moment that didn’t allow us to turn it around.
On how this game becomes a teaching moment going forward:

“You just have to understand that you have to play your best football no matter who’s out there on the field. If you don’t come out here ready to play, they’ll beat you. It doesn’t matter who we play, doesn’t matter if we’re playing a team that’s 15-0, or a team that’s 1-15, you have to bring your best every single time.”
On what it takes to perform differently during those critical mistakes:
“We just have to have awareness. The penalty where we got off on third down and then we lined up over the center, we passed a mental mistake. Those types of penalties can’t happen. We just have to make our tackles for those plays.”
On how strange of a game it was for him when looking at the overall stats:
“It was a little weird, but you understand what it is. You allow a return and you let a fumble go to a touchdown, that puts you behind the sticks and we had to find a way to be better and we need to create more turnovers. We didn’t do that. We got one. We need more than one. “

On if he saw what he expected to see from Teddy Bridgewater:
“We felt like they did what we thought they were going to do. We didn’t think they were going to air it out like [Drew] Brees does, but Teddy is a good quarterback and we knew he was going to be able to manage the game and use his legs when he needed to and dump it down to [Alvin] Kamara and all his weapons. He has a lot of weapons. Michael Thomas and Kamara, those guys are really good.”
On seeing how tough Alvin Kamara was to bring down:
“He’s a good player, definitely, He’s got my respect for sure. He’s definitely one of the best in the game. Watching his balance and watching the way he hits holds. We hit him a couple times and he came back for more. As a linebacker, I respect him for sure.”
On if he thinks they took it for granted that Drew Brees wasn’t going to play:

“I would like to say that we respect it. We’ve been in situations where the quarterback wasn’t going to play. I would like to say that we didn’t take Teddy lightly. I feel like we had a lot of respect for Teddy. We’ve played him before in Minnesota. We’ve got a lot of respect for him. We’ve got a lot of respect for Kamara, Mike Thomas, those guys. I would like to say that we didn’t let that respect fall because Brees wasn’t playing. “

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